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How ITS and Technology Could Help prevent Truck Accidents

In the past, roads were basically surfaces for vehicles. Today, however, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) mean that communications technology can be combined with road and vehicle technology so that infrastructure and vehicles can communicate. According to some safety experts, ITS and related technology can be an important step towards reducing truck accidents in Homestead and other communities.


Already, there are ITS and other technology solutions in place that can help prevent accidents. This technology includes:

1) Mobile weigh stations.
Overweight trucks in Homestead and other communities are a leading cause of trucking accidents and are also very detrimental to roads. Despite weigh stations and federal weight limits, however, enforcing overloaded trucks has always been difficult. Some companies have developed mobile weigh stations, which allow weigh stations to be moved, making it harder for commercial trucks to avoid weigh stations.

2) Interactive roads. Most roads are static, but some companies have developed roads that can actually change line markings with the press of a button, can automatically melt ice and snow, and can even warn cars and trucks about upcoming road hazards (such as debris or wildlife in a lane).

3) Weigh station pre-screening. Some companies produce scales that allow trucks to be weighed before they even get to weigh stations. The way these scales work is that they are embedded into the road surface. As a truck rolls over the pavement, the truck’s registration information and weight are recorded – all without the truck having to stop. If the truck is found to be overweight, it can be directed to the nearest weigh station for more evaluation. Not only does this technology promise to find more overloaded trucks, but it can also improve traffic flow by ensuring that only trucks that may exceed weight limits need to stop at weigh stations.

4) Rollover prevention strategies. The same technology that is used in weigh station pre-screening scales can also be used to prevent rollover accidents. Some steep inclines and high-collision ramps across the country already use this technology. Basically, the same under-pavement scales used in weigh scale prescreening can be installed before a steep incline or other high-risk area. The system can automatically note the type and weight of the vehicle approaching the area and flash a message on a road sign about the safest speed limit for the truck. This can help prevent rollovers in Homestead and other communities by ensuring that drivers slow down to a safer speed.

5) Fleet and driver management. Technology is also being used to monitor drivers and fleets more effectively. This can give motor carriers the tools needed to note whether specific drivers or trucks have a higher instance of collisions or whether a driver is speeding or taking other risks on the road.

Technology, of course, cannot prevent all accidents caused by negligence and recklessness. If you have been injured in a truck collision anywhere in South Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case consultation. Your consultation with our law firm is completely confidential and gives you the opportunity to get answers about your concerns.