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If Your Teen is Moving to College This Year, Practice Moving Truck Safety

If you have a recent high school grad in your household moving on to college this year, you may be making plans to help your child move into their dorm room or college apartment. Unfortunately, moving truck accidents in Miami and other cities can easily happen during a move to college. To help prevent this from happening to your family, follow these simple tips:

1) Consider hiring professional movers rather than renting a moving truck.

Renting a truck may seem like a budget friendly option, but do-it-yourself moving does come with certain risks. Investigative reports have found that some moving truck rental companies do not maintain their fleets in a responsible manner. In addition, someone who is experienced with driving a passenger car may find the added blind spots and added size of a large truck overwhelming. You may increase your chances of being in a traffic accident in Miami or at your destination by driving a truck that you are not used to.

2) Keep moving costs low by combining moves.

Many people choose to rent a moving truck rather than hire movers because of cost concerns. If this is true for you, you may be able to afford movers by keeping your costs low. For example, have your child take only the absolute minimum when they move – this should be easy since most dorm rooms only have limited space for possessions anyway. In addition, if two or three students are moving to the same college, they can pool their possessions and use one moving company together to enjoy a discount.

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3) Consider alternatives.

Movers and moving trucks aren’t the only two options available for a college move.There are also companies that will drop off a container at your home, allow you to fill it up at your leisure, and then transport the container to your destination for unloading there. This can be less expensive then hiring movers and still ensures that you are not responsible for driving a large truck.

3) If you do need to rent a truck, take it to a mechanic before you start loading the vehicle.

If renting a moving truck is your best or only option, there are ways that you can make it a little bit safer. When you pick up the truck, take it to a trusted mechanic to have the truck’s brake systems and other systems checked out. If there is something wrong with the truck, this gives you a chance to return it and demand a safer truck. Before you load the truck, make sure that you drive it around to get used to the larger vehicle. In addition, when loading the truck make sure that you secure cargo carefully. Shifting cargo inside the truck can increase your chances of a roadway collision.

4) If you are moving by car, make sure to maintain good visibility.

Sometimes, students will move by filling up a passenger car with all their possessions. This can be an option, but keep in mind that overloading a car can be dangerous for tires and can be hard on the car itself. In addition, loading up the car so that the side and rearview windows are blocked off can create a lot of blind spots that can lead to a collision. If you do decide to move via car, make sure that you do so safely.

If you have been injured by a poorly maintained moving truck or have suffered a roadway injury, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group. The lawyers at our full-service law firm can meet with you to review your options for legal redress. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation.