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It’s Time to Consider Shopping Safety

This is the time of year when many Homestead and Florida residents go shopping for the holidays. Whether you are picking up gifts for family members and friends, decorations for your home, taking advantage of seasonable sales, or shopping for special holiday meals, you may be out and about more often at malls and stores. When shopping, you will want to keep the following tips in mind to stay safe this holiday season:

1) Plan ahead.

Before you head out shopping, plan your trip. Try shopping during less busy hours, when you won’t be as much at risk of being crushed by crowds or being in a parking lot accident because there simply too many other shoppers at your store or mall. Find out about store hours, the best route to get to your favorite stores, as well as any construction you will need to consider. Be sure to also check out store services, such as free shipping, valet parking, or special parking areas that can help you stay safer.


2) Park safely.

Parking lot accidents in Homestead and other Florida communities are quite common at this time of year. Many shoppers are stressed and often find it difficult to park in crowded lots or parking garages. When parking your vehicle, make sure to do so safely. Avoid parking near the drop off entrances for trucks, where delivery trucks may be making frequent stops. Where possible, park in an area where you can easily walk to and from the store entrance along a well-lighted area with plenty of pedestrian traffic.

3) Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for crowds.

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents in Homestead and Florida are very common at this time of year, especially with crowds hitting the stores. There many ways that a trip and fall accident can happen in a store. Merchandise may fall from store shelves or other customers may drop merchandise onto the floor. There may be spills on floors or you may be jostled by other customers. Wearing comfortable clothing and especially practical shoes can ensure that you are physically prepared for shopping.

4) Consider doing some of your shopping online.

Online shopping can help you avoid some of the dangers of shopping in retail stores. These dangers include not only trip and fall accidents but also crimes such muggings, which are unfortunately more common at this time of year. Shopping online ensures that your purchases are delivered to your door, which can not only be safer but can also save you time.

5) Make sure you are shopping for safe products.

Unfortunately, product liability cases in Homestead and other Florida communities often arise after the holiday shopping season. Some products that are on store shelves are simply not designed or manufactured safely. When purchasing items – whether those items are decorative accents, food, clothing, toys, or other items – make sure that you check for damage and any sign that the product is unsafe. Sign up to get recall notices to make sure that you are aware of all the latest recalls on products in stores now.

Have you been injured while shopping for the holidays? Whether you’ve been injured in a trip and fall or due to a crime or mugging, you may have legal options. Contact the law firm of Flaxman Law Group to find out more.