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What Do Trucking Collisions Really Cost?

When calculating the costs of trucking crashes in Homestead and other cities, authorities often consider employee costs, insurance costs, and related costs. However, the expenses linked to these types of crashes can be much higher and may include:


  • Workers’ compensation and related work costs. Employers may need to face lost productivity and efficiency after an employee is injured in a trucking collision. If an employee is injured permanently, an employer may need to replace the worker. In cases where the accident took place during work hours, disability payments and workers’ compensation costs may also need to be factored in.

  • Property damage costs. Due to the size and force of trucks, the damage to infrastructure can be dramatic in a trucking crash. Bridges and roadways can be severely damaged, meaning that municipalities have to pay in order to have these costs covered. Other vehicles may be damaged in a collision as well as other property, increasing the costs. If a truck was carrying cargo that was destroyed, the cost of that property can also be added to the total cost of the crash.
  • Medical costs and other costs absorbed by victims of the crash. Unfortunately, those who are injured in trucking crashes are also often the ones who face considerable bills, often through no fault of their own. Even with car insurance, someone who has been injured in a trucking-related traffic accident in Homestead or any Florida community may find themselves paying for medical costs, lost wages, and the many other costs related to their crash out of pocket.
  • Incidental costs. Many trucking collisions also produce a wide range of small costs that need to be paid. For example, someone who is permanently injured in this type of roadway accident may need to get their home made accessible or may need to learn to drive all over again with their injury. Someone who has been injured may need to pay for taxis or other transportation costs while they heal. For many injured people, these costs can add up very quickly.
  • Human and psychological costs. Experts agree that trucking collisions can cause severe trauma, which can affect a victim’s emotions and their ability to work and resume everyday activities for months or even years after the collision.
  • Societal costs. Society loses productivity as well as property and money in traffic accidents. The loss of life also devastates families and entire communities.

If you have been injured in a trucking collision, it is important to consider the costs of your trucking accident. Before you accept any insurance benefits, you want to make sure that the amount offered will cover the full costs of your injuries. To do this, you need to consider the full, long-term and short-term costs you may face.

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