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Toxic Cargo a Deadly Danger on Florida and U.S. Streets

In Miami and across the country, tractor trailers and big rigs are tasked with transporting dangerous and hazardous chemicals – including fertilizers, fuel, flammable materials, and toxic chemicals – across long distances. There are many dangers linked to trucks carrying cargo:

1) Cargo spills.

Cargo spills of any kind can lead to debris on the roads of Miami and other communities, potentially causing secondary accidents. When dangerous cargo spills, however, it can cause severe damage, including poisoning bystanders. In some cases, spilled toxic cargo can cause fires or can remain on the road and in the ground for weeks or months, despite efforts to clean it up.


2) Environmental dangers.

Some cargo can cause environmental disaster. For example, toxic spills involving dangerous chemicals can release dangerous fumes that can be harmful to all local residents. If the cargo catches fire and releases dangerous chemical-laced smoke, that can also affect nearby residents. In some cases, toxic chemical spills can leach into ground water and harm local wildlife as well.

3) Geographical dangers.

Tankers carrying hazardous materials are prohibited in most states from traveling along certain routes. In many cities, for example, truck drivers are not allowed to drive through downtown or densely populated areas in order to protect residents in the event of a crash. If truck drivers and truck carriers ignore these rules and a truck accident occurs, an entire heavily populated area could be affected by explosions, fires, or toxic spills.

4) Health hazards.

Trucks carrying dangerous cargo can cause health disasters. If a truck carrying toxic chemicals is involved in a crash, the fumes can affect bystanders and local residents before an evacuation can take place. Residents and bystanders can suffer from burns, lung damage, respiratory problems, and other permanent, serious injuries after this type of trucking accident – even if they were not directly involved in the truck collision.

There are rules in place when truck drivers are transporting dangerous cargo. When truck carriers or drivers violate those rules, they put many people at risk. Unfortunately, emergency responders may not always have the resources or information they need when responding to a toxic spill. A driver may not have provided information about the material transported or its properties, for example. Even with the right information, it can be very challenging to deal with a toxic spill or a fire that burns out of control due to the chemicals that are aflame. Collisions involving flammable or dangerous cargo can quickly become tragedies and disasters.

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