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Sharing the Road with Mobile Businesses

South Florida is not only a popular place for food trucks, but also for other mobile businesses. On the streets of Aventura, Miami, and other cities you may see mobile hair salons, gyms, furniture stores, and more. While these businesses can be fun, however, you also need to treat them carefully as they have some of the same issues – such as large blind spots – that any large truck has.


These small businesses must register their business under the store-on-wheels category when applying for an occupational license. In South Florida, they may also seek individual permits if they want to take part in local events and festivals.

Driving Safely with Mobile Businesses

If you are sharing the road with mobile businesses or food trucks, follow these safety tips:

  1. Look out when parking. Food trucks and other mobile businesses may make frequent stops if they are on the job and may take up extra room parking. At events and sometimes in parking lots where they are allowed to be open for businesses, these trucks may take up multiple spaces. There may also be additional traffic around them. Keep in mind that drivers stopping to purchase something or just check out the business may be distracted and you will want to keep extra alert in this situation to avoid a traffic accident in Aventura or your community.
  2. Be aware of distraction. One of the benefits of mobile businesses is that they act as a huge advertisement for the business itself. However, the large size of the vehicles and the bright advertising along the sides can be a potential distraction. When sharing the road with these vehicles, be sure to keep your eyes and focus on the road rather than trying to read the side of the truck.
  3. Be aware that the mobile businesses may make more frequent stops and have more blind spots when compared to a passenger car. Be prepared for unusual or unexpected traffic and stops. Also, be aware that drivers in these businesses may not be able to see you if you are directly alongside or behind their vehicle. When passing or driving near one of these trucks, make eye contact with the driver so that you know they can see you.
  4. Stay alert for pedestrian traffic around mobile businesses. Mobile businesses attract pedestrians as well as drivers, and this can mean a mix of traffic around the business. Look out for distracted pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers who may be focused on getting to the mobile business.

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