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What Would Happen if a Serious Injury Pushed You Into Retirement?

Many workers in Hollywood in Florida dream of the day that they can retire. They may have a nice retirement fund or pension that they have worked towards their entire work lives and they may dream of having enough time to pursue leisure activities and all the recreation that Florida has to offer. Florida is one of the most popular areas for retirees as well, thanks to a mild climate and the natural beauty of the state.


While you may dream of your retirement someday, would you be able to survive financially if you were forced into retirement today?

A Difficult Question

Hopefully, it’s a question you’ll never have to answer. Unfortunately, for many people who are seriously injured in car accidents, workplace accidents in Hollywood and Florida, and other types of accidents, this question becomes very significant. Those who sustain a serious spinal cord injury, head trauma, amputation or other permanent injury may not be able to return to their workplace.

In the case of a head injury, for example, a patient may require around-the-clock care and may need to live in an assisted-living facility in order to get the nursing care that they need. Someone who has suffered a severe spinal fracture may never be able to walk again and may have to rely on a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, precluding the possibility of returning to work.

For these patients, not only do they need to worry about very high medical bills, totaling $100,000 or more per year in some cases – but they also have to worry about making ends meet. They need to pay for care, medical costs, the mortgage or rent, food, utilities, and all the other costs that go into everyday life. In some cases, they may be at the start of their work career or may not have yet saved up enough in order to retire comfortably.

Financial Options if You Have Been Injured

Luckily, patients who have suffered a serious injury do have options. If their injury was caused by negligence, recklessness, or wrongful acts they may have a legal claim against the liable parties in their case. Pursuing a legal case and seeking compensation allows them to pay for care, medical expenses, and daily living expenses for the rest of their lives in some cases. If their injuries were caused by negligence and prevent them from working, these individuals can seek compensation for their expected future medical costs, pain and suffering, future expected living costs, future expected lost wages, and more. This compensation becomes very important as a way to pay bills and a way to get quality medical care for their injuries.

If you have been seriously injured and are worried that you will lose significant amounts of work or will be unable to return to work, be sure to get legal advice about your situation. You can always get legal advice in a free, no obligation case review by contacting the law offices of Flaxman Law Group today.