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New Trucking Technology Promises to Prevent Collisions

New trucking technology is always being developed in an effort to curb trucking collisions in Miami and other communities. Technology ranges from new roadway systems to new safety systems for trucks.


Daimler Trucks North America has recently rolled out a new safety system called Detroit Assurance. Detroit Assurance uses Active Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control to prevent crashes and save fuel. Radars allow a truck driver to maintain a safe following distance from any vehicle automatically, reducing the amount of decision-making needed and reducing the margin of error to prevent crashes.

Braking and Lane Departure Warnings

Even when disengaged, the active breaking part of the system can slow down the truck to stop a collision. The system also promises to save fuel by automatically speeding up and slowing down the truck to operate the vehicle in a fuel-efficient way.

In addition, the system has an optional feature called Lane Departure Warning, which uses a camera to find lane markings. If a driver crosses these markings without using their signals, an alarm sounds. This makes the system important if a driver is so drowsy, distracted, or inebriated that they leave the lane.

There are already some systems that can be added to trucks that offer some of the same advantages. However, the makers of Daimler Trucks North America claim that their system does not have to be adapted to a truck because it can be pre-installed, potentially reducing costs for the buyer. The company also claims that Detroit Assurance offers more safety features than many similar systems on the market.

Will the Safety Systems be Used to Prevent Trucking Crashes?

While safety systems promise to help prevent collisions, they are only useful when trucking companies install them on their fleets. One issue with new technology is that some companies have thin profit margins and will not invest in technology unless it is mandated by law. In other cases, a company may have already invested in recent improvements to their fleet and may be unwilling to invest more immediately.

A similar problem exists with underride guards. Although they are simple to install and many consider them effective, not every fleet uses them, even though they can help prevent serious injury in accidents involving trucks and passenger cars. Some companies simply do not want the added cost of installing the devices and are unlikely to have them installed until required to do so by law.

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