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Where Truck Drivers Can Turn for Help after a Serious Collision

When truck drivers sustain on-the-job injuries in Hollywood or their communities, the results are often serious. In a trucking collision, drivers can sustain head injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious trauma.


Recovering from this type of serious injury takes time and effort. For some drivers, return to work becomes impossible. Others go through months of pain, rehabilitation, and treatment to reclaim their lives. During recovery, it is important for drivers who have been injured to get medical, legal, financial, and emotional support to increase their chances of recovery.

Where can commercial drivers turn after they have been injured? There are several resources available:

1) The trucking company.

A trucking carrier and their insurance company will usually be able to offer some benefits and compensation for injuries. This compensation can help pay for medical bills, sick leave, and other expenses while replacing lost income.

2) Personal injury attorneys.

While a driver may be offered benefits by their company, it is very important to get legal counsel before signing or agreeing to anything. The total costs of a permanent injury can easily add up to over a million dollars in at-home care, incidental expenses, lost income, and medical bills. It is very unlikely that an insurance company will offer this level of benefits out of hand. A personal injury attorney can help advise a driver about their rights and can pursue a legal claim (if the driver qualifies) to secure reasonable levels of compensation. This can help protect the injured employee from financial distress.

3) Insurance and workers’ compensation.

Insurance companies representing the driver may be able to offer some benefits, but again it is important not to sign anything until a personal injury attorney reviews the situation and advises the driver about how much the case may be worth. Signing insurance documents prematurely can mean that drivers lose their rights to pursue a legal claim.

4) Doctors and clinics.

Even if a driver is not sure whether they have been injured, it is important to consult with a doctor or medical professional right away. Laypeople are simply not able to tell whether a serious injury has occurred; only a healthcare professional can do that. Seeking medical attention right away ensures that treatment is offered promptly and creates documentation showing that the traffic collision caused the injury. Doctors can also recommend specialists, support groups, therapists, and the other services and professionals that a patient may need.

5) Family and friends.

Family and friends are an important source of emotional support. They can spend time with the injured driver, offer encouragement, and can help keep spirits high. A good support system is important both to recovery and overall emotional health.

6) Non-profit groups.

Organizations such as are designed specifically for commercial drivers who have been injured in a collision. These types of organizations can help provide support and advice for any commercial driver who is injured while traveling. They can help you find resources and can offer support.

7) Support groups.

Support groups, usually made up of people who have sustained a similar injury, can offer encouragement and a sympathetic ear. They can provide emotional support as well as practical advice and suggestions about recovery and about living with a serious injury.

If you are a driver injured on the job or in any accident, contact Flaxman Law Group for a full, free legal evaluation of your situation.