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Multiple Vehicle Accidents Involving Trucks

Many trucking collisions in Hollywood and other Florida communities end up being multiple vehicle accidents. Due to the size and force of a truck, when a truck driver loses control of a big rig, tractor-trailer, or other commercial vehicle, the truck can slide or veer out of control for some time before coming to a complete stop. Before the vehicle comes to a full stop, it can crash into other cars, vehicles, and bystanders, causing multiple points of impact and a very serious accident.


Commercial trucks may also be at risk of multiple vehicle collisions because of the routes they travel. Trucks tend to travel on highways and other busy roadways. When a large truck veers out of control on one of these roads, there are potentially many other motorists close by and this higher congestion of traffic can mean that vehicles can get crushed by the larger commercial truck.

When passenger car drivers see a large truck heading towards them, they will often try to get out of the way quickly, and this can cause them to rear end or crash into the side of other vehicles, causing rear end and broadside collisions. This can easily cause a chain reaction accident.

Pileup accidents and chain reaction accidents unfortunately are more serious for the passengers involved. This is because:

1) There are multiple points of impact.

If you’re in a typical car accident in Hollywood or your community, there is generally one point of impact, whether it’s an intersection accident, broadside accident, or other type of collision. With a chain reaction accident, there are multiple points of impact. This means that your car may inadvertently crash into the car in front of you, but someone else may broadside your car or crash into your fender. Multiple points of impact mean that there are multiple points at which you may be injured. If the initial impact caused a head injury, for example, subsequent points of impact can make that injury worse or can lead to compounded injuries.

2) The force of impact is increased.

A multiple vehicle accident tends to be more serious, and with multiple points of impact as well as multiple vehicles involved, the force of impact may be greater. It is not unusual to see cars completely crushed in this type of accident.

3) Emergency rescue can be complicated.

When emergency rescue workers respond to a pileup accident on a highway or freeway, they are generally looking for the most injured and trying to help as many people as possible. In a multiple vehicle accident, this can mean a complicated emergency response that can lead to mistakes being made and passengers not getting help in time. This is especially the case if someone is trapped in their car in the middle of a pileup, where emergency crews cannot get to them immediately.

4) Getting benefits may be more complicated.

Since there many drivers and injured people involved, there may be multiple insurance companies involved, which can make the insurance claims process more complicated. Even determining what has occurred and what has caused the accident as well as figuring out all of the liable parties can be more complicated. All of this can mean that it can be harder to get fair benefits and compensation.

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