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Parked Truck Collisions

Many truck crashes in Hollywood and Florida take place when a truck is in motion. This can be especially devastating if a truck is speeding or driving at high speeds on a freeway, since the force of the collision can cause serious injuries.


However, even a parked truck can be a danger, especially if you don’t see it in time. Parked truck collisions in Hollywood and other communities are surprisingly common and can lead to devastating injuries. There many situations where this type of collision can take place:

A tow truck or emergency vehicle may park in an illegal spot to offer assistance to someone and you may end up crashing into this vehicle if you don’t see it in time.

A large truck may be parked in an illegal spot that may block off your visibility, causing you to collide with a stationery object or another car.

A truck may be parked and may back up or move forward without engaging their lights or without you noticing that the truck is in motion.

In situations where there is not enough space for parking, a truck may damage your vehicle or sideswipe it while the driver is trying to park

A truck driver may pull over on a ramp or into a parking area while waiting to make a delivery, and you may crash into the vehicle if you don’t notice it in time.

A truck may pull over on the side of the road around a bend due to mechanical problems and you may crash into this vehicle if you round the bend.

A delivery truck or waste truck may make sudden, unexpected stops and if you are driving behind them you may rear end them if you do not notice the truck stopping in time.

In many cases, collisions caused by parked trucks are completely avoidable. For example, delivery truck accidents, tow truck accidents, and other collisions are often caused by passenger car drivers being distracted, driving inebriated, or otherwise not noticing a parked vehicle. Staying alert and aware of your surroundings can help you notice unexpected obstacles – including parked trucks.

In some cases, collisions of this kind are caused by trucks parking in unexpected or illegal spots. If this is the case, you may have a legal claim against the truck driver or trucking company if their parking caused your collision. This is especially the case if the truck driver parked in an especially dangerous spot – such as close to a turn or bend in the road.

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