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Underride Guards Could Help Stop some Tragic Traffic Crashes

Underride accidents occur when a truck stops suddenly, causing smaller cars to slide underneath the rear trailer of the truck and underneath the truck itself. These types of accidents tend to be devastating, since the surface of the truck will often shear off the top part of the passenger car, causing crushing injuries and severe or fatal injuries to the passengers inside.


One of the most devastating things about underride truck collisions is that they are quite preventable. Underride guards are a very simple device that can be installed under the rear trailer of the truck to prevent cars from sliding underneath the trailer. These guards are metal bars that prevent smaller cars from slipping under the truck in the event of a crash. Most truck companies have already installed these types of devices on their trucks to prevent underride accidents. Since 2007, many trucks have been required by law to have these underride guards.

Passing New Laws to Prevent Truck Collisions

Even with underride guards, underride truck accidents still happen in Hollywood and other communities. Part of the problem, according to experts, is that some guards are not made strong enough to handle the pressure of an accident. In other cases, experts say, the design of the guards does not prevent underride accidents in cases where the car impacts with the rear corner of the truck, since the guards are placed in the center of the lower rear of the truck.

Many authorities have tried to pass laws which would make stronger underride guards mandatory for all commercial trucks. There have also been requests to change the design of the guards. However, passing the law has so far not been successful. Part of the problem is that there is some debate about the safest guard design. There are further debates about what type of underride guards would be “strong enough” to prevent the majority of accidents and underride accidents.

Have You Been Injured in an Underride Accident?

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