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Prevent Boating Injuries and Accidents This Summer

Florida has a huge number of boaters, water enthusiasts, and waterways. While most boating enthusiasts stay safe on the water, the state is dedicated to helping prevent boating accidents. Even so, boating accidents cause far too many injuries and claim far too many lives each year across Florida. There many things that you can do to keep safe when heading out on the water this year:

1) Get training.

Take a boating safety course to find out how to avoid accidents and how to protect yourself if you are ever in a boating collision or go overboard. According to authorities, lack of skill is one of the leading contributors to boating collisions in Hollywood and across the state.


2) Avoid alcohol when boating.

Boating under the influence is just as deadly as driving under the influence — and drunken boating in Hollywood and Florida is just as serious an issue as drunk driving. Not only can also lead to charges, but it can cause you to fall overboard or can cause you to collide with other boaters and other water users.

3) Make sure everyone has a life vest.

If anyone falls overboard, a life vest can save their life. Not only will it make it easier for someone who has gone overboard to get spotted in the water, but it can also provide buoyancy to help them stay above water. Wearing a life vest correctly each time you go boating can be one of the best ways to prevent boating accidents.

Some people assume they don’t need a life vest because they are strong swimmers. However, one thing that often happens in a boating accident is that someone may hit their head when falling into the water, rendering them incapable of swimming safely to shore. In other cases, a strong tide or other complications can make it difficult for even a good swimmer to swim to safety. In these situations, a life vest can save lives. While swimming skills are important for water safety, you cannot always rely on them and a life vest can help you when your swimming skills cannot.

4) Check boating conditions before you go.

What’s the water like? Do you need to bundle up? Are the tides high? Is there a chance of rain or high winds? Knowing what’s going on out on the water can help you make better decisions about boating and about the strategies you use to keep yourself safe.

5) Keep your boat properly maintained.

Keeping your boat correctly maintained ensures that your boat responds correctly if you need to make a sudden maneuver on the water. A properly maintained boat is also more dependable and can help you avoid dangerous situations.

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