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Seeking Medical Help after an Accident

If you have been in a trucking collision in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you will want to seek medical help. Accidents involving semitrailers, tractor-trailers, tankers, and other large commercial trucks are often devastating for the passengers inside the smaller vehicle. You may suffer severe, even debilitating injuries if you have been in this type of crash.


Seeking medical help is an important way to get the treatment you deserve and to make the fullest recovery possible from your injuries. If you have been permanently injured, seeking prompt and qualified medical help can help you improve the quality of your life and your range of mobility.

When Should You Seek Help After a Collision?

If you have been in any type of roadway collision in Hollywood or South Florida, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. You should consider a roadway accident a medical emergency. If you have hit your head, especially, or if you have been thrown about the inside of your vehicle it is very important to get a full medical evaluation by a qualified specialist right away.

The sad fact is that some types of serious injuries may not present symptoms right away. People who suffer from a soft tissue injury, chronic back pain, or even life-threatening head injuries sometimes take some time to develop symptoms. They walk away from an accident assuming that they have not been injured only to find themselves in an emergency room in severe distress a few hours or a few days later. You don’t want to be in this position. Having an untreated head injury, especially, can prove fatal. Seeking prompt, professional medical help can help save your life. Even if you’re not sure whether you have been injured, get checked out to make sure.

What Sort of Medical Help Should I Seek After a Crash?

You may want to visit an emergency room after an accident, especially if you have hit your head. Emergency room physicians can evaluate you for signs of a concussion or other serious head injury. You should also visit the emergency room if you may have suffered from internal injuries, have lost consciousness, or have broken bones. Even if you do have any sort of serious or life-threatening injuries, the emergency room is your best option for getting a full medical workup if there is a chance of severe injury.

Even if you get a clean bill of health in the emergency room, you will still want to visit your regular physician or walk-in clinic after the accident for a follow-up evaluation. You want to make sure that you haven’t suffered a soft tissue injury, whiplash, or other injury that may not present symptoms right away. If you have been to the emergency room, you may want to talk to your regular physician about follow-up care and visits to specialists.

If you have been rushed to the hospital following your traffic accident, you may be given referrals to specialists, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or other types of treatment. It is important to attend all your appointments and to follow doctors’ directions precisely. Not only will this improve your chances of recovering as fully as possible, but it will show your insurance company that you are serious about recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies will use a missed appointment or two to claim that a plaintiff is not as injured as they claim. This can hurt your ability to seek fair compensation, even if you have been seriously and legitimately injured.

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