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Truck Accidents and Car Accidents are Very Different: What You Need to Know

Many drivers treat car accidents and truck accidents exactly the same. They see these as roadway accidents and simply file a claim with their insurance company if they have suffered an injury in this type of collision. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can be very different and simply contacting your insurance company may not be enough if you have been injured in a commercial truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida.


One of the biggest differences between truck accidents and car accidents is the severity. Truck accidents are more likely to lead to fatal injuries, permanent injuries, and devastating injuries. There is simply no match between your passenger car and a fully loaded tractor-trailer carrying tens of thousands of pounds of cargo. In a collision, you are very likely to be crushed by a larger vehicle or to suffer severe injuries.

You may think that even in this type of situation you’re covered by your car insurance company. Unfortunately, the larger the claim amount you need, the less likely it is that your insurance company will pay the full amount. The insurance agent you talk to may be very sympathetic and may want to offer you their help, but keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses. They are in business to make money for their shareholders and owners. Paying out millions of dollars to someone who has been severely injured in a car accident if that client has “only” paid tens of thousands of dollars in premiums is a loss for the insurance company. They will take steps to minimize this loss, even if it means that you end up having to pay for some of your hospital bills or long-term medical costs yourself.

Since car and truck accidents most often result in permanent and long-term medical conditions – such as amputations, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries – you may need the services of a personal injury attorney to get the fair compensation that you deserve. A personal injury attorney will review your situation with you and will help you understand all possible legal avenues. If there are multiple liable parties in your case, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue all liable parties, increasing your chances of getting fair compensation.

There is another important difference between truck accidents and car accidents: truck accidents involve commercial truck companies and their insurance carriers. Unfortunately, insurance carriers and the commercial truck companies are represented by teams of attorneys while you may not be. In an accident, legal departments representing these two parties will usually start work right away to minimize liability for the truck company or insurance company. Without a legal adviser by your side, you may simply be legally outmatched and you may be pushed to accept a lower offer than you deserve.

Does this sound fair? Does it sound fair that you might get less compensation that you deserve simply because you have been involved in a commercial truck accident? The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group don’t believe so and we take all the steps necessary to help plaintiffs in this situation recover fair compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for a free, no obligation consultation.