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Back to School Sales Can Mean More Trucks on the Roads

Back-to-school sales are at all the stores, and this is great news for retailers. Many stores report a huge surge in shoppers around this time of year, which is great news for the economy and local businesses. If you are headed to back-to-school sales, however, you need to be aware that there may be an increased risk of truck accidents as well as an increased opportunity for bargains at this time of year.

Stores are ordering more products to fill the shelves, and this can mean more stores are having more goods delivered by truck. In addition, stores offering delivery may be relying on couriers and delivery trucks to get purchase items to their customers. All of this can mean more traffic, especially around stores. If you are injured in a truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation to talk about your options.


Avoiding a Truck Accident in South Florida

There are several ways that you can avoid a trucking accident during this time of year:

1) Drive defensively.

Always think a few moves ahead, especially when driving on highways and other areas where there are many tractor trailers, big rigs, and large delivery trucks. Staying alert and being aware of what is going on around you as well as planning your next few moves helps you avoid traffic accidents.

2) Know the dangers of trucks.

If you’re driving near tractor trailers or big rigs on the road, stay well away. Keep in mind that larger vehicles have larger blind spots, so if you are driving directly behind or along the sides of the truck the driver may not be able to see you. Avoid sidling up along the sides of the truck, especially if the truck is making a turn and may swing wide.

3) Use extra caution to prevent parking lot accidents.

One of the dangers of large trucks at this time of year is that they will be headed to malls, shopping centers, and other shopping areas. When parking your car as you head to the stores for back-to-school shopping, make sure that you park in areas close to pedestrian walkways and well away from truck delivery zones. When walking to and from your car, stay alert for any larger vehicles, especially since the truck driver may not always easily see you. When backing out of your parking spot, check around and carefully check your blind spots to make sure that there aren’t any pedestrians or vehicles that you could crash into.

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