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Moving? Here’s what You Need to Know about Moving Trucks

At this time of year, many moving companies report a busy season. College students are moving into their dorm rooms and many families are taking advantage of the final few weekends to move before the start of the school season.

If you’re moving this year, you may be thinking about renting a moving truck or moving trailer. While this can be an economical way to move house, it also poses some dangers. Each year, families are seriously injured or even killed in moving truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida.


Unfortunately, many people who are familiar with driving a passenger car may not have the expertise to drive a large and heavy moving truck. In addition, large moving trucks have many blind spots which can be difficult to deal with for the average passenger car driver. Investigative reports have also found that some moving truck rental companies are negligent when it comes to properly maintaining their fleets.

Luckily, there are alternatives. There many ways that you can move safely without affecting your budget:

1) Hire professional movers.

Professional movers can not only help you avoid truck accidents, but they also have the expertise to carry heavy furniture. Hiring professional movers decreases your risk of trip and fall accidents and may help you avoid a traffic collision. Professional movers know how to move heavy equipment and can get your belongings to your new destination without putting you at risk of a traffic accident. They can also reduce damage to your belongings. You can compare different moving companies and get a few free quotes to find most economical option.

2) Choose an alternative to moving truck rentals.

If hiring professional movers is not in your budget, there are some lower-cost alternatives. For example, there are do-it-yourself moving services. Essentially, these services deliver a large container to your current home. You take the time to load the container with your possessions and call the company for pickup. The company then picks up the container with a professional driver, drives it to your destination, and leaves it at your new destination for you to unpack. Since you are doing the packing of the truck yourself, you don’t have to worry about driving a large truck. Another alternative is to move with friends. You can combine an apartment move with a few other families and hire a professional mover together to combine expenses.

3) If you must rent a moving truck, do so safely.

If you decide to rent a moving truck, make sure that you compare different rental companies to find one with a good safety record. Rent the correct size truck. You don’t want an overly large truck, since the larger the truck, the harder it will be to control. At the same time, you don’t want too small a truck, as overloading the truck past it safety limits could put extra pressure on the tires and brake systems, putting you at risk of an accident. Before you drive away, make sure that you practice driving the truck in a remote area to get comfortable with it. Take it to mechanic for quick once-over to make sure that there are no major mechanical issues with the vehicle.

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