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Could Cab Cams Help Prevent Trucking Crashes?

Cab cams record traffic and activity inside commercial trucks, and according to The National Transportation Safety Board these devices should be used more widely to help prevent trucking collisions. Specifically, the NTSB has recommended both traffic-facing and driver-facing cams that would either record non-stop or in response to a trigger (such as accelerated speed or sudden engagement of brakes). These recommendations are not laws, however, and not all truck carriers may want to implement cab cams.

The NTSB has recommended that the NHTSA use video recordings to gather more information as part of its accident databases. The NTSB has recommended that trucking associations encourage their members to use cams that capture video in low light and adequately capture the entire cab (including all passengers). For cab cam makers, the NTSB has recommended that manufacturers provide more information for users of web cams – including information about the correct installation, maintenance, and use of the devices.


No New Cam Rules Passed

The NTSB doesn’t have any authority to pass transportation laws or to enforce any rules, but sometimes government agencies do consider NTSB when proposing or passing laws. Currently, there seems to be no move to implement cab cam suggestions made by the NTSB to create new legislation.

The Cab Cam Debate

Experts besides the NTSB have recommended cab cams as a way to reduce trucking crashes in Hollywood and other communities. Safety professionals point out that cab cams may provide an incentive to drivers of big rigs, tractor trailers, tankers, and eighteen wheelers to obey the rules of the road. Some also suggest that good video systems could help companies notice problems – such as health emergencies – happening in the cabs before they can cause a crash. In the event of a collision, video system feeds and recordings can provide lots of information for investigators looking into what caused an accident.

Not everyone supports the idea of cab cams. Some trucking companies point out that the costs of these systems are passed onto customers. They also note that statistically, professional truck drivers have lower rates of at-fault crashes than passenger car drivers, so focusing on reducing the risks of passenger car drivers is the best route to reducing traffic accidents overall. Not all truck drivers are comfortable with cams recording them, especially if the cams are allowed to record all the time (not just in reaction to a trigger).

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