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Truck Fuel Fires in Miami and Other Florida Cities

In most cases, truck accident injuries in Miami and other Florida cities are caused by a direct collision between a big rig and a smaller car. In some cases, however, it is a fuel fire that causes serious injuries or even an accident. In some cases, fuel fires happen after a crash, leading to burn injuries and potentially fatalities. In rarer cases, explosions or fuel fires can lead to a crash.

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Truck Fuel Fires are Not Common, But Can Result in Serious Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2012 about 10% of the estimated 4000 people killed in collisions with larger trucks were killed due to truck fuel fires.

Although fires aren’t common, they are extremely deadly when they do happen. Most big rigs, tankers, and tractor trailers have significant fuel in their tanks. During a crash, the force of the impact can cause an explosion or a fire that burns quickly and very hot, obliterating anything in its path. If the fire comes into contact with any flammable cargo the truck is carrying or reaches the fuel in a passenger car, this can just feed the flames and cause an out-of-control conflagration.

In some cases, emergency crews cannot immediately put out the flames because the fire grows too fast and too quickly. If passengers are trapped in their vehicles during the crash, emergency crews may not be able to reach them in time to prevent serious injury.

Dealing with Burns After a Hollywood Truck Accident

Truck fuel fires can cause permanent and devastating injuries, such as burns. Serious burns can cause mobility issues and disfigurement that can be extremely difficult for patients. Some patients experience depression or have trouble facing others because of the difficult recovery process. Many find their lives permanently changed.

Patients who have survived a terrible truck accident deserve lots of support. Unfortunately, some medical and car insurance providers may initially refuse to cover skin grafts and other treatments designed to treat serious burns. It can be upsetting for a patient to suffer pain only to be denied compensation for the care they need.

Burn patients may also need long-term rehabilitation and counseling to recover mobility and to deal with the trauma of the injury. Again, it is important to negotiate with insurance carriers so that these costs are covered.

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