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Fall Season Is the Time to Brush Up on Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Fall is here, and that means harvest season for some crops. Harvesting season can mean more trucks, machinery, and seasonal workers on and near the road in rural areas, so drivers may want to stay more alert.


There are a few tips to keep you driving safely all season and into winter:

1) Use extra caution in rural areas.

Rural areas may have more trucks on the roads at this time of year and you may see more wildlife and more farm machinery at this time of year, too. If you’re driving in rural areas, especially, use added caution. If you’re behind a large piece of farm machinery or a slow-moving truck, proceed with caution and stay patient. Pass only when it is safe to do so and make sure the other driver can see you.

2) Keep in mind that days may be shorter.

Shorter days can mean you’re driving in the dark more often. Adjust for night driving; use your mirrors and your lights correctly to see as much as you can. If you find you’re struggling to see in low lighting conditions, make an appointment to get your eyes checked. If there is a medical condition preventing you from driving safely, you’ll want to treat that before you’re in a collision.

3) Stay alert to seasonal fatigue.

At this time of year, Hollywood and South Florida really heat up. You may have children in school, Halloween or holiday preparations underway, and other commitments. Many workplaces get busier at this time of year, too. It can all conspire to make you feel tired and unfocused. Make sure you get adequate sleep and visit your doctor if you feel excessively sleepy.

4) Adjust your driving for the traffic.

If you’re seeing more traffic on certain roads, more machinery in rural areas, or more trucks in certain parts of town, adjust how you drive. Maybe you need to find another route for your commute or give yourself extra time so you can be patient and safe.

5) Give trucks and big vehicles extra room.

Larger trucks and pieces of equipment pose a danger to you if you’re in a smaller vehicle. If the driver can’t see you because you’re tailgating or in a blind spot, the results can be catastrophic. On turns, especially, be careful not to get caught between the truck and the curb. Larger vehicles swing wide and you could end up crushed in a squeeze play accident if there’s nowhere for you to go.

6) Get your car tuned up.

This is a great time of year for a tune-up, especially if you will be driving Halloween nights. Worn tires, lack of windshield wiper fluid, problem brakes, and other issues can make a car or truck accident more likely. Now that things are about to get busy towards the end of the year, take the time to make sure your car can get you to your destinations safely.

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