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Avoiding Commercial Truck Accidents This Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, there may be more trucks on the roads. Stores are ordering more products to keep up with the holiday rush and more stores are offering delivery services. Customers are ordering more products and services for the holidays, too, putting more trucks on the roads.

For many truck drivers, this is the “busy” season of the year, and that can also make it more dangerous. More traffic and tighter deadlines can lead to deadly accidents on our Hollywood highways and roadways.


Here’s how you can avoid a crash this holiday season:

1) Get your car tuned up.

Make sure your car will maneuver the way you need it to and can stop quickly if you need to avoid an accident. This is an excellent time of year for a tune-up, especially if you will be driving a lot or driving over larger distances to see family this holiday season.

2) Be aware of the dangers.

Just knowing that you are more at risk may help you to drive more carefully, meaning you may be able to avoid a crash.

3) Put away all distractions.

Distracted driving is dangerous in Hollywood and Florida all year long, but it can be especially dangerous at a time when lots of trucks are on the road. Put your cell phone and mobile devices away, keep your hands on the wheel, and keep your eyes on the road.

4) Take fatigue and illness seriously.

You don’t just have to worry about more trucks on the road during the holiday season. This time of year also happens to be fly season – and the time most of us are at our busiest. Most of us brush off symptoms of fatigue or illness and keep going with our days because our schedules are so full, but this can be dangerous. If you feel tired or ill, you may have slower response times, which is dangerous on the road. Stay in or leave the driving up to someone else.

5) Don’t treat trucks like other cars.

Trucks take longer to stop and maneuver differently than passenger vehicles. Always give trucks more room and stay out of their blind spots. Make eye contact with truck drivers to make sure they can see you. Never cut trucks off or tailgate them – this can lead to an accident.

6) Choose your driving routes carefully.

Watch for weather reports and check traffic conditions before you drive. The few extra seconds you take to check your route can save you a lot of frustration. Avoiding the most congested routes can also help you avoid a crash.

7) Drive defensively.

Always think three moves ahead. Not only does it help you avoid an accident – especially if you’re driving around trucks and other sizes of vehicles – but it ensures you don’t start daydreaming and become distracted.

Even if you drive carefully and follow the rules, other drivers or even truck drivers may be taking risks on the road. When negligence on the part of another driver causes a crash, you may have legal avenues for pursuing compensation and justice. To find out more and to discuss how much your potential case may be worth, contact Flaxman Law Group. We’re happy to offer a free consultation to all new clients.