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What You Should Never Sign After a Truck Accident in Hollywood

A truck accident in South Florida or Hollywood can be terrifying. Being struck by a large vehicle will generally cause devastating car damages and may cause catastrophic injuries for you and your passengers. If you have been injured, you’ll want to do everything possible to hold onto your rights.

Unfortunately, insurance companies and attorneys representing the truck company may contact you right away. They may want you to give statements or to sign documents. Even your own insurance company may want you to sign documents.


There are many good reasons why you should say “no” – until you have a chance to talk to a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community:

  • You may not have the time to look over the documents carefully
  • The documents provided by the truck company or their insurance company are in their best interests – not yours
  • It may be too early to know whether you’re injured or how severe your injuries might be
  • You might not have the legal experience to know what you’re signing
  • You may be feeling stress and not know what you’re signing
  • By signing documents you don’t completely understand, you could be signing away your rights to fair compensation

Even if someone tells you documents are “standard” or “must be signed” or tries to tell you what is in the documents, don’t sign them. Set the documents aside for your attorney and tell the person who is asking you to sign that you will read over the documents carefully and will contact them if you have any questions before signing. If they insist, point out you cannot sign any documents you have not read.

Immediately contact an attorney for legal advice. An attorney can review the documents and can help you understand them. They can also give you legal advice about what you can do after the accident to protect yourself.

The documents you should sign after a truck accident

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, there are only two documents you should sign:

  1. The police report. Carefully read the police report and make sure the description of your accident is accurate before you sign. Get a copy of the police report after you sign.
  2. A towing invoice. Check to make sure the invoice is fully filled out – including the prices – before you sign and allow your car to be towed. Get a copy of the invoice for your records.

You may want to get any other documentation reviewed by a legal professional. If you’d like to speak to an attorney after a ca or truck accident, contact Flaxman Law Group. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7, so you can always reach a live operator and even get over-the-phone support if you need it. We offer free consultations and get back to you quickly so you have the information you need. If you are in the hospital after your accident, we’d be happy to visit your hospital room or your home or workplace if you cannot come to our offices in Hollywood, Miami, or Homestead. At Flaxman Law Group, our main goal is to support you fully after your collision and to provide you with honest and thorough legal advice and representation. Contact us today to find out more.