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Preparing For the Deadly Spring Tornado Season in Florida

Tornadoes in Florida cause massive injuries each year, including fatalities, head injuries, car accidents, and more. If you live in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, the deadly Spring tornado season lasts from February through April.


This time of year tends to have the most powerful and deadly tornadoes because the jet stream in South Florida can combine with cold fronts to create what is known as mesocyclones or supercells. These fast-moving storms can move 30 to 50 miles per hour and can produce winds of up to 200 mph as well as large hail.

There are several things you’ll want to do to be prepared for tornado season:

1) Create a disaster preparedness kit.

A disaster preparedness kit in your home should contain cash, clothing, first aid kit, any medicine you and your family need, clean water, food, and any other supplies to get you through a tornado or other natural disaster. The Florida Department of Health has a website detailing exactly what need to go into your kit.

2) Have a tornado plan for your whole family.

Make sure each member of your family understands how they can get to safety if a tornado hits when everyone is at home, at work, at school, or out in the open. At home, you want to take your family into the basement and into the most protected area. At school or at work, the safest area may be in an internal room or hallway, far from windows or exterior walls. Out in the open, the safest area may be a ditch or ravine.

In addition to reviewing with your family exactly what should happen in the event of a hurricane, make sure you have a plan for getting in touch with each other in case you are separated during a natural disaster. Have a place where you can meet once the disaster passes and a plan for getting in touch. Keep in mind cell phone reception may be affected by the storm, so you may not be able to depend on making a call immediately after a hurricane.

3) Listen to weather reports.

You can set up alerts on your cell phone to let you know when dangerous weather systems – including hurricanes – are headed for your area. Keeping watch on changing weather conditions gives you fair warning if you need to brace for a storm.

4) Get the best insurance you can

Whether you own your own home or rent, get homeowners or tenants insurance to protect you. Make sure your coverage covers hurricanes, floods, and other common disasters. Generally, you will need to pay extra for this coverage. After a hurricane or other natural disaster, insurance issues in Hollywood and across South Florida are not uncommon. In many cases, natural disasters and serious storms cause multiple claims and there may be delays.

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