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Factors That Could Increase Your Chances of a Trucking Accident

Are you at risk for a trucking accident in Homestead or your South Florida community? You could be, especially if you have the following risk factors:

1) Being in an unfamiliar location.

Safety experts agree that driving in unfamiliar locations can increase your chances of a traffic collision. While you are statistically most likely to be in a car accident close to home, unfamiliar surroundings do put drivers at increased risk of collisions.


When we drive in new areas, we may not be familiar with sharp turns, potholes, and other obstacles on the road. We may also be getting familiar with the location or looking for signs rather than focusing exclusively on safe driving. If you’re driving in an unfamiliar location – especially on an unfamiliar highway where you’re looking for an exit – use extra caution and look out for big rigs, 18 wheelers, and other drivers.

2) Timidity.

Being too timid behind the wheel can be a problem. It can mean you don’t move forward or take evasive maneuvers as needed to avoid an accident. Other drivers may be more aggressive around you and if you’re timid you may be slamming on the brakes or trying to avoid a crash so hard that you actually cause an accident. If you feel unsure about your driving skills, consider getting added classes to build your skills and confidence.

3) Aggressiveness and overconfidence.

There’s no room for swagger on the road. Aggressive driving and overconfidence can lead to weaving, road rage, frequent changing of lanes, and cutting off other drivers. Around big rigs and tractor-trailers that take longer to stop, these types of behaviors can spell disaster because the truck driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

4) You’re not observant for some reason.

Maybe you’re distracted. Maybe you’re tired, overworked, or just not paying attention. Whatever it is, if you’re not looking around and constantly thinking a few moves ahead, you may be missing important cues about potential hazards and potential causes of accidents on the road.

5) Your senses are affected.

Your senses can be affected by any number of things. Medication, alcohol and drugs are some of the common issues. However, your senses may also  be affected if you are ill, stuffed up, or feeling unwell. Anytime your senses are affected, your risk of a car accident in Hollywood or your community increases. You rely on your vision, hearing, and other senses to drive.

6) You’re emotional.

Emotions play a big role in our decision-making abilities. When we’re upset, angry, depressed, or otherwise emotional, we tend to be distracted. We may also be making irrational decisions because of our state. If you’re upset or distracted by a situation, it’s best to rely on a taxi, rideshare program, or public transportation until you calm down.

If you have been injured by a driver who was driving recklessly or if you have been in a trucking accident involving a commercial truck, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our team would be happy to give you an honest assessment of your potential case.