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What to Look for in a Support Group After Your Hollywood Trucking Collision

If you have been in a trucking crash in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida, you may find your life permanent changed. If you have suffered a brain injury, back injury, spinal cord trauma, scarring, amputation, or any other serious injury your injuries may be permanent.


It can be hard to accept that a traffic accident in Hollywood or your community will have a life-long impact on you and your life. In many cases, survivors suffer from trauma or even depression after their collisions. Many doctors recommend seeking out a support group or group therapy so survivors can speak with others who have undergone some of the same trauma.

If you’re considering joining a support group or group therapy, there are a few things you will want to look for:

1) Legal support.

Before joining any group and sharing your experiences, speak to a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. If you decide to file a civil claim or an insurance claim following your accident – and you likely will have to in order to pay for the cost of the accident – the things you say to a group may affect your claim. Talk to an attorney about your claim and your desire to join a group so your attorney can offer advice about keeping your claim safe.

2) Face to face and virtual meetings.

If you are unable to attend in-person meetings, virtual meetings may be your best option. Where possible, however, meeting others in person can be an important part of connecting with others and healing some of the trauma you have suffered.

3) Support outside of meetings.

Look for groups offering support outside of meetings. Some support groups pair participants up or have a system set up so you can contact someone if you are having a difficult time and it’s not time for a meeting yet.

4) Inclusion of loved ones.

Your friends and family also will be impacted by your accident, your trauma, and your injuries. Your relationships may be affected by the accident. Look for a group which allows friends and family to attend every so often or look for relationship counseling outside the group.

5) Support for people who have undergone similar experiences.

Ideally, look for a group focused on the specific injury you have suffered. For example, if you have suffered spinal cord injury, look for a group for spinal cord injury survivors. This will let you connect with people who understand your experience and will put you in touch with resources related to your ailment. You may also want to look for a group specifically for traffic accident or trauma survivors or you may want to belong to a few groups to get the full support you need.

6) Qualified leaders.

Who will lead the group? Look for someone with some mental health training or qualifications as well as personal experienced with serious injury or trauma.

7) Written terms.

Consider what the group’s aims are and how meetings or groups are structured. Is there a limit as to size? How often does the group meet? Look for the group best suited to your needs and ideally a group with a written list of goals and rules of conduct.

If you have been injured in a truck accident anywhere in South Florida, you can always contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. We can explain what you can and cannot share with others if you decide to file a claim. In a free consultation, we can also help you understand whether you have a claim, so you can make the right decision as you move forward.