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Car Crashes and Car Accidents in Homestead: Does Language Matter?

Being in a car crash in Homestead or anywhere in southern Florida is a devastating event – one that can have a long-term effect on someone’s financial situation, health, and life. Traditionally, we speak of trucking accidents, but a growing number of trucking advocates say we need to change the terminology.


Since human error is the leading cause of most traffic accidents in Homestead and across the country, many advocates would like to see us refer to truck accidents as truck crashes or truck collisions instead. They argue that the term accident makes it appear that these incidents are not preventable or that they occur for no particular reason. Some advocates claim that calling trucking crashes collisions or crashes emphasizes the fact that many of these incidents are preventable.

According to advocates, only about 6% of traffic crashes are caused by mechanical defects, weather, or other issues. Overwhelmingly, human judgment or error leads to most accidents. This means most accidents are not really blameless accidents at all – they are preventable incidents. Some attorneys back this idea, since in their practices they can see how often negligence leads to collisions.

On the first day of this year, Nevada created a new law which changes the language in state laws so traffic accidents are referred to as crashes. It is possible other states may follow suit. In many states, there is already an effort to refer to truck crashes and car collisions rather than accidents.

Language Might Matter

In an accident by any other name still a crash? The term accident does suggest that no one was at fault, even though many traffic collision claims center around the idea of proof proving liability or fault.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the idea of changing terminology. Some advocates, for example, allege that change in linguistics will not ultimately affect the number of traffic incidents, fatalities, and injuries on our roads – and they argue that this should be the priority. Others point out that a lapse in human judgment leading to a traffic collision can still be an accident or mistake – not necessarily malicious. Accident, they argue, can still be a appropriate word.

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