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Moving This Summer? Stay Safe with Moving Trucks

At this time of year, many families decide to move to or from Hollywood and southern Florida. Summer is an ideal time to move because the kids are home from school and can settle into the new home before school begins again in the fall. It’s also a great idea to enjoy your new home for the summer.


If you’re moving, however, you will need to deal with moving trucks – and these can easily become a problem. Moving truck accidents in Hollywood and southern Florida can be serious collisions causing severe injuries. If you’re moving, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure you stay safe:

1) Hire movers if possible.

Do-it-yourself moving isn’t always a great option. Where possible, hire professional movers and drivers who can drive an oversize truck for you. This is especially important if you are moving an entire family or an entire house and will need a very large truck.

If your budget doesn’t allow for professional movers, consider at least hiring a professional driver for the truck. There are services which offer you self-serve moving but still hire a professional driver. It works very simply: a storage container is dropped off at your home and you pack the container yourself. A professional driver shows up and moves the container to your new residence, where you can unpack your belongings at your leisure.

2) Choose movers carefully.

If you’re hiring a moving company, movers, or working with a truck rental company, research carefully. What is the company’s safety record like? What is their fleet like? What insurance coverage is available for you? A reputable company is happy to share information about their safety.

3) If you must rent a truck to move yourself, do so as safely as possible.

Book well in advance and take the truck to a mechanic for a quick inspection before you drive it anywhere. If a mechanic uncovers any problems with the truck, take it back to the rental company and insist on a replacement. Make sure you have help moving heavy items and rent a dolly, if possible, to help you move heavy items safely. Give yourself plenty of time to load the truck, distributing weight evenly and tying down the cargo so it can’t shift.

4) Protect against pedestrian accidents.

The bustle of moving combined with large trucks can be disastrous on moving day. Always make sure to keep children, pets, and family and friends well out of the way of a truck backing up or moving.

If you have been injured by a truck, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case analysis. We can help you understand whether you have a claim and how much that claim may be worth.