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Tire Failure and Truck Accidents in Hollywood and South Florida

Tire failure on a Hollywood or Florida highway can be genuinely frightening. One minute, you’re driving along behind a tractor trailer or large commercial truck and the next minute the truck is veering to the side of the road, long strips of tire flying towards your windshield.


Tire failure in large trucks can be dangerous for several reasons. In some cases – and especially on highways and other situations involving speeds – tire failure can cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. It can even cause a rollover. In addition, the long strips of rubber coming off a truck’s tires can slam into windshields of cars, causing drivers to panic and momentarily lose visibility. This can potentially cause secondary car accidents.

Why does tire failure happen? According to the Department of Transportation (DOT) some of the most common reasons include:

1) Poor maintenance.

Truck companies must keep careful checks of their fleets – and that includes tires. When old tires or worn tires are placed on a truck, tire failure is more common. Tire failure can also occur due to improper brake maintenance, since poorly-functioning brakes can place more stress on tires. Combining radial and bias tires on the same axle can also cause failure – as can failure to use DOT-approved tires and tire treads.

2) Dangerous cargo.

Commercial truck tires are designed to handle more weight than passenger car tires – but even commercial designs can handle only so much weight. Dangerously overloaded trucks put extra pressure on tires, which can cause them to fail. In addition, sharp cargo that has not been properly secured can fall from a truck and can cause ruptures or cuts in the tires.

3) Poorly maintained roads.

Potholes, uneven roads, and poorly maintained roads in general can place added stress on tires and all of a truck’s essential systems, increasing the risk of rollovers and other truck collisions.

4) Tire defects.

Tires that have been poorly designed or incorrectly manufactured are a danger on the roads – especially when they are used to transport tens of thousands of pounds of cargo. Truck tire recalls are listed on the DOT website, but even tires that haven’t been recalled may posed a hazard on our roads if they are defective in some manner.

5) Lack of pre-trip inspections.

Truck drivers are taught to check tires before every trip for any signs of damage. Incorrect pressure, signs of wear and tear, and worn treads all need to be dealt with promptly. Fortunately, many truck drivers are responsible in ensuring their tires and trucks are road-worthy.

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