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Avoid Trucking Accidents This Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend, more travelers will be on the roads. From revelers headed to Independence Day festivities in Homestead, Miami, and other communities to tourists taking advantage of the holiday weekend to visit Florida, there will be more cars on the road. As more events take place, trucks will also be on the roadways in greater numbers, delivering products to special events.


If you are driving anywhere this weekend, you will be sharing the streets with other road users. Here are some tips to get to your destinations safely:

1) Plan your trip carefully.

If you are heading to a party, a fireworks display, or other July 4 event, take a look at possible routes. Consider which ones might have less traffic and check carefully for construction and traffic updates. Have at least one alternate planned route to take in case traffic gets heavier.

2) Have a drive-home-safe plan.

Even if you don’t plan to drink at a party or event this weekend, plan ahead. Take some cash to get a cab or have some friends or family you can call to pick you up. Designate a driver and come up with other options to ensure you don’t drink and drive. Drunk driving accidents in Homestead, Miami, and other South Florida communities continue to be one of the biggest hazards of holiday weekends. You can also be sure law enforcement will be conducting roadside checks, so you will want to avoid driving entirely if you have had even a little bit to drink.

3) Consider taking public transit or going with a group of friends.

One of the best options for the holiday weekend is to leave your car at home. You’ll be able to avoid the frustrations and dangers of congested streets and you will not have to worry about leaving your car if you drink.

4) Arrive early and plan to leave early.

Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. In many cases, there are daytime events as well as evening events for July 4 festivities. Arriving early can help you beat the crowds and gives you more time to experience an event.

When it’s time to leave, consider leaving early – before the final fireworks are finished, for example. This can help you avoid the crowds and congestion in the parking lots and surrounding areas. If you don’t wish to leave early, consider waiting until the first rush of people have left so you can leave without the congestion of traffic.

5) Avoid parking near trucks.

Most large events will have large trucks arriving to drop off necessary supplies. Avoid walking, driving, or parking near truck drop-off zones. Truck drivers may not see you, putting you in danger.

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