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The Link Between the Economy and Car Accidents

According to researchers – including Monica He of the University of Pennsylvania – there may be a strong link between national economic well-being and trucking accidents. Research suggests that during economic downturns and recessions, the overall  number of truck accidents declines. When the economy is rebuilding – such as currently – truck accidents increase again.


According to researchers, part of the reason may have to do with the fact that when the economy is thriving, more goods are being delivered to stores and businesses. More businesses are ordering, more customers are buying, and there is greater need for transportation in general.

Monica He’s research, specifically, finds that large commercial trucks are especially common when the economy is booming. As businesses transport goods to and from stores and to and from customers, these trucks are more in demand and therefore more of them are on the road. With more large trucks and more drivers driving longer miles, the number of accidents increases, in keeping with an increase in traffic.

Now that the economy is doing better, it may be useful to consider whether it could affect your safety on the roads. Researchers have pointed out that a more minor example of this phenomenon occurs during certain holidays. At this time of year, for example, many stores are having back-to-school shopping sales. There may be more trucks on the road. In the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are more trucks on the road as the busiest shopping season of the year approaches.

Knowing there more trucks on the road and that you may be more at risk can help you avoid a truck accident in Miami or your community. Keep alert to changes in traffic conditions and always give trucks extra room. Keep in mind that trucks take longer to brake and longer to slow down. They also have larger blind spots. Never follow behind or alongside a truck and always make eye contact with the truck driver by using your side mirrors. Put away distractions when driving so you can stay alert and respond as needed.

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