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Moving Truck Tips for Students

Many students are moving into dorms at this time of year, or moving into off-campus housing before their first classes start. In many college towns, both moving trucks and parking spots can be at a premium. If you are moving in Miami or any town with a college, there are a few ways to ensure moving day is a little safer:


1) Try to move on less busy days.

The day everyone is moving into the dorms can be chaotic and can mean lots of parents, students, cars, and trucks. The extra traffic can put you at a greater risk for a truck or pedestrian accident in Miami or your college town. You may also have an easier time renting a truck, getting movers, and getting a parking spot if you move a little early or a little late.

2) Leave it to the professionals, if you can.

If possible, pay for professional movers if you have enough items that you’ll need a truck. If you need a truck, truck drivers are the safest option because they’re used to blind spots and handling a larger vehicle. If professional movers are not an option, consider loading and unloading the truck yourself but leave the actual driving to professionals.

3) Get help.

Carrying heavy items can put you at a greater risk for trip and fall accidents, sore muscles, and strain injuries. If you have heavy items you need to move, hire someone to at least help you with carrying or get a friend to help.

4) Use caution, even if you’re not moving.

Even if it’s been years since you were in college, keep in mind that extra moving trucks, extra traffic, and lots of moves could still put you at risk. If you live in Miami anywhere near a campus, you may be seeing more traffic at this time of year and more big trucks. Adjust your driving according and especially keep an eye out for trucks.

5) Use extra caution when driving a truck.

If you must rent a moving truck, use extra precautions to prevent a trucking accident. Here’s how:

  • Get a friend to drive with you and act as a second pair of eyes. Your friend can offer directions and double-check blind spots, which are much larger on a truck than with a car.
  • Check the truck over carefully before you drive it. If anything seems wrong, ask the rental company for another vehicle.
  • Take the truck to a mechanic before you drive it. Moving truck rentals can get a lot of use and while rental companies are supposed to take care of their fleets, you will want to check the safety of a truck before you get it loaded. Taking the truck to a mechanic for a check is especially important if you are moving long distance.
  • Practice driving first. You may not have a lot of experience driving a truck, so practice on quieter streets first, until you are more confident with the vehicle.
  • Secure your cargo carefully. Tie down items and pack them tightly; if boxes move while you’re driving, you’ll have a harder time controlling the truck.
  • Give yourself lots of room when parking.

6) Give yourself plenty of time.

You need to stay focused when driving a truck and moving house. Give yourself more time than you need so you’re not rushed or tempted to speed.

Have you been injured by someone driving a moving truck? Have you suffered losses or damages in a move? Have you been injured because of an unsafe moving truck rental? You may have legal options in all these cases. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.