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Human Factors and Truck Accidents in Homestead

One argument for self-driving trucks is that many trucking accidents are caused by human errors and human factors. Whether you agree with the idea of self-driving trucks or not, there’s no doubt that on-the-road mistakes made by passenger car and truck drivers do lead to collisions.


The most common human factors causing car accidents in Homestead and across Florida include:

1) Speeding.

High speeds increase the risk of an accident, especially on highways where a great deal can happen in just a few seconds. A passenger car that is speeding may lose control and crash into the side of a commercial truck. A big rig driver who is going too fast is vulnerable to a rollover and even a multiple vehicle accident.

2) Fatigue.

Fatigue happens for many reasons. Passenger car drivers may get too little sleep, may suffer from sleep apnea, may stay up late, or may simply have too much to do and may be stressed out. For truck drivers, tight deadlines and pressure from truck companies to meet unrealistic deadlines can contribute to fatigue. The sedentary lifestyle of truck drivers can also contribute to obesity and sleep apnea, a sleep disorder.

3) Inexperience.

Truck drivers must pass extensive driver education classes and secure commercial licenses before they get behind the wheel of a large commercial truck. For passenger vehicles, however, only limited on-road driving experience and instruction is needed. There are also no continuing educational requirements for passenger car drivers, so some of the drivers on the roads received their education years ago and may not have updated their driving skills since. Inexperience around trucks and cars can especially be a problem for younger drivers, but can affect all drivers.

4) Distraction.

Driving with passengers, talking on mobile devices, changing music, and even checking controls on a dashboard can all distract passenger car drivers and truck drivers long enough to cause an accident.

5) Drugged and drunk driving.

Drivers of both passenger cars and commercial trucks may choose to drive under the influence, slowing response times and affecting judgment enough to cause serious collisions.

Although many people call the above human factors and the accidents that result from them “mistakes,” the reality is that car collisions caused by the above factors are always preventable. If you have been injured by a negligent or reckless driver, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your potential case. Your case may be worth more than you realize and you may be the option of negotiating with your insurance carrier for better compensation. In a free, no obligation consultation, the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group can review your options with you.