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Why You Need a Truck Crash Attorney If You’ve Been Injured

Being involved in a truck accident in Homestead or any South Florida community is a serious legal, financial and health concern. A truck accident, due to the size and force of the tanker, tractor-trailer, big rig or other commercial vehicle, can affect every part of your life for years to come.


This is not a situation you want to handle by yourself. In fact, one of the first calls you will want to make as soon as you’re able to get to a phone is to a truck accident attorney in Homestead or your community. There many reasons why these types of accidents are simply too complex to take on yourself:

1) The injuries are likely to be more serious.

Due to the size and force of a tanker or other commercial truck, you’re more likely to suffer severe injuries, including spinal trauma, head injuries, fractures, amputations, and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, these more serious injuries can also be more costly, and this means you need more robust compensation to deal with the cost. At the same time, insurance companies may be more likely to fight back and try to avoid paying fair compensation in these cases because they stand to lose significant amounts of money. A personal injury attorney can help you determine what fair compensation would look like in your case and can represent you and fight aggressively for that level of compensation.

2) Your health may be affected for a longer time.

Because your injuries may be more severe, you should be prepared for a longer healing time. Whether you have suffered a back injury, head injury, or other serious injury, it may take months or even years for you to return to full health. You may even face a lifetime of treatment and considerations because of your injuries. You need to ensure that your compensation pays for all of these future costs as well as current costs, so you don’t end up paying medical bills out of pocket. You also need to take into account the wages and salary you may lose as you recover. Getting fair compensation for these costs can help you stay financially afloat while you work on recovery.

3) There are more parties involved.

Unfortunately, truck accidents involving a commercial vehicle are more likely to result in a lot of finger-pointing because there are more parties involved. The trucking carrier may blame the truck driver, and the truck driver may be an independent owner operator, meaning the truck carrier is not necessarily responsible for them. The truck company may in fact be the leasing the truck and may be carrying cargo that does not belong to them. They may blame the loaders, mechanic services, and others. Manufacturers of the truck may blame the truck carrier. Trying to determine who is liable for your injuries and accident can quickly become confusing. A personal injury attorney with experience in traffic accidents can help cut through the confusion and can help you locate all liable parties.

4) More resources are needed.

To untangle the complexity of a trucking accident, you may need an engineer, medical consultants, accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, and other professionals. Trucking accident attorneys have access to these and other professionals to help you build the strongest case possible.

If you have been injured by a trucking accident in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida, contact the law offices of Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation consultation. Our compassionate attorneys have already recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of plaintiffs like you and would be happy to review your potential case with you.