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Moving Truck Safety for Your College Kids

At this time of year, many college students are thinking about moving out. If this is the case for you and your family, keep in mind that moving trucks pose significant potential hazards for you and your college kids. Moving trucks accidents in Hollywood, Miami, and other communities happen every year.


You can help reduce the risk for your college student by:

  • Considering professional movers. Leaving the moving to someone else can be much safer than trying to jam everything into your child’s car, and so obstructing the view. A professional can also be safer than having your child drive a large truck, which he or she may not be used to.
  • Looking at alternatives. If professional movers are not in the budget, look for alternatives. You may want to drive a rental moving truck yourself, rather than leaving your college student to do it. You can also look for services that will do the driving but allow you to pack the truck yourself. This can cut the cost substantially while still leaving the driving to someone other than your child.
  • Offering lots of room for the moving truck at your house. Keep children, pets, and obstructions out of the way so movers can do their job or so that you can load moving the truck safely yourself. Do not allow children to play in and around the truck, since back over accidents can occur.
  • Knowing where you are moving. If your child is moving on campus, keep in mind that other people will be moving the same day. Make sure you understand where you can park the truck and how much space you will have.
  • Considering moving early. If your child has lots to move, consider arriving a few days before or after everyone else moves in, if possible. This will mean less car and pedestrian traffic and less risk of a crash.
  • Lending a hand. Help your child with packing and carting boxes if you don’t leave it to professionals. Slip and trip accidents and falls can happen as your child gets overly tired. Heavy boxes are dangerous to lift, so pack heavier items (like books) in smaller boxes and remember to lift heavier objects with your legs.

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