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Myths that Could Increase Your Risk of a Truck Crash

We all believe some myths because they are repeated so often, but some misconceptions can really do harm. Some of the most common myths surrounding truck accidents in Hollywood and South Florida could put you at risk of a collision or a serious injury.

How many of these common misconceptions do you believe?:

The myth: Truck drivers have to obey hours of service rules and other regulations, so they are safe on the roads.

The truth: It’s true that truck drivers are subject to more regulations than passenger car drivers and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits how many hours truck drivers can operate their vehicles before they must rest. However, some drivers still disobey these rules and drive fatigued. In addition, hours of service rules cannot regulate how well drivers sleep. Truck drivers with sleep disorders or who simply get poor sleep for other reasons may still be a significant danger on the road.

The myth: Truck safety isn’t something we need to worry about anymore.

The truth: While it is true that technology has allowed us to make some strides in ways to reduce the number of truck accidents and while serious efforts have been made since 1997 to reduce truck accident fatalities, far too many people continue to die from preventable truck collisions each year.

The myth: There’s nothing you can do to prevent truck accidents.

The truth: While you can’t do much about fatigued truck drivers or those who are under the influence, there are still many things you can do to stay safe on the roads. Driving defensively by thinking a few moves ahead lets you plan your maneuvers in advance and can help you react more quickly if a truck driver does something unexpected.

The myth: You’re most likely at fault if you’re in a truck accident.

The truth: Many times, passenger car drivers are blamed for accidents with tankers, big rigs, and tractor trailers. In fact, no matter why you think an accident occurred, it’s important to get a full investigation. Truck backing accidents are caused by truck drivers over 90% of the time, according to some research, so it’s not always the passenger car driver’s fault. You do not want to be blamed for a collision you did not cause and if a driver or other liable party was responsible, you want to be able to have the option of a legal claim. A thorough look at the causes of your accident with a Hollywood truck accident attorney can help you get the answers you need.

The myth: There’s no point in seeking a legal claim in a truck accident because the defendants are too powerful and the claim will take too long.

The truth: Every truck collision case is different. Some do take years and wind their way through the courts, but others are settled out of court much sooner. While insurance carriers and truck companies are powerful, they are not infallible. In fact, our American and Florida court systems are created specifically so that even powerful companies can be held responsible when they are dangerously negligent. Working with an experienced and aggressive attorney can help improve your chances in a claim.

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