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Myths About Truck Safety

Do you believe these misconceptions about truck collisions?:

Myth: Truck drivers don’t have to worry about being in a collision, because they are protected in the cab.

Fact: Passenger car drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are most at risk in a trucking collision because they are protected by fewer layers. However, truck drivers need to think about safety, too. The impact of the collision can cause them to get thrown around the inside of the cab or even clear of the vehicle, which can lead to life-threatening injury. Anything in the cab can become a projectile in the event of a crash, causing serious injury to the driver. If the big rig, tanker, or truck rolls over, the truck driver can be seriously hurt. In addition, if the cargo is hazardous, a collision can cause a spill or fire which can cause serious injury to the driver.


Myth: There’s no point in worrying about trucking safety, because it’s not in your control.

Fact:  You may not be able to control drunk drivers on the road or other motorists who take risks, but you can decrease your risk of a truck collision substantially by driving safely yourself. Wearing your seat belt, driving defensively, and taking care when driving can all reduce your risk of being injured in a traffic crash, even if others sharing the road with you are not as careful.

Myth: If you’re in a truck accident, the most important thing for your safety is to get out fast.

Fact:  Some people believe that getting out of a car fast can save your life and some motorists and passengers even avoid wearing seatbelts so they can escape a car faster. In reality, the most important thing you can do in an accident is to stay in the car and to be secured with a seatbelt. Being ejected can increase the risk of head trauma and fatal injury. In less than 5% of all accidents, fire and submersion happen. Even in these cases, you will typically have enough time to unbuckle and get out.

Myth: Trucks are not a risk, especially on residential streets, because they drive more slowly.

Fact:  Waste trucks and delivery trucks on residential streets may slow down, but a truck at any speed has enough force to cause serious and fatal injury, especially to pedestrians and passengers of smaller cars. On highways, residential streets, and even in parking lots, large tractor trailers and big rigs are a danger and you need to be careful to stay safe around them.

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