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Delivery Truck Accidents in Hollywood

At this time of year, delivery trucks can be found everywhere. Trucks from companies such as UPS, FedEx and others deliver packages and use a variety of trucks, including cube vans, light trucks, and other vehicles. Stores may use delivery trucks to get cargo to nearby stores and to customers. Even catering companies and small businesses use delivery vans and small trucks to offer additional services through the holiday season.


Unfortunately, the extra traffic involving delivery trucks can increase the risk of accidents. There are a number of factors which can cause delivery truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida, especially at this time of year:

  • Driver pressure. During the holidays especially, drivers are often under pressure to have items delivered by a specific date. Companies may need items on their shelves in time for holiday sales and customers may have been promised delivery of a specific item by a specific date for their holiday shopping. All of this can create tight deadlines which can mean drivers have less time to relax and to drive safely. The extra pressure can also mean drivers do not get adequate time off or drive longer hours, leading to fatigued driving.
  • Lots of cargo. With holiday sales, drivers may be asked to carry heavier cargos. If they are asked to carry more than is safe for their vehicle, this can increase the risk of a traffic collision. In a cube van or light truck, cargo piled too high or cargo which is not secured correctly can shift, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Cargo piled incorrectly can also affect visibility.
  • Fewer rules. Commercial truck drivers operating tankers and tractor trailers must abide by federal laws created to keep the street safer. Delivery drivers operating a company van are not subject to some of the same rules, even though they may be making frequent stops in residential neighborhoods and even though they may be carrying significant amounts of cargo.
  • New drivers. Many companies hire seasonal workers for holiday deliveries. Unfortunately, while many companies conduct extensive screening and work to get the safest drivers possible, not all companies are so diligent. Sometimes, drivers don’t have the required education, training or understanding to drive safely. In other cases, drivers are just getting used to a new job and may make errors which lead to crashes.
  • New routes. At this time of year, some stores offer additional delivery or new delivery services, so drivers may need to get used to new routes they are not familiar with. This novelty can make it harder for them to know about the hazards of their new routers or to know about specific road conditions in an area, making accidents more likely.
  • Increased traffic. Traffic at this time of year can be considerable. There are local residents on road trips to see friends and family, increased driving as customers head to stores, and more deliveries. All of this can mean more congestion, frayed tempers and a higher risk of truck accidents.

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