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Reducing the Risk of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in Hollywood and South Florida do serious injury and harm. These truck accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities to passengers of smaller vehicles. Truck accidents involving tankers, big rigs and other commercial trucks can also cause significant property and environmental damage if the truck is carrying a dangerous substance. Spills of flammable materials, explosions, fires and other consequences of big trucking accidents can impact an area for months or years.


There are several ways to prevent trucking accidents in your community:

  • Give trucks plenty of room. Trucks need more time to decelerate and come to a full stop. Never drive so close to a truck that you leave the driver with no room or time to avoid a collision. Leave extra room between you and big rigs and tankers, especially if the weather is bad and the roads are slick.
  • Stay visible. Make it easy for truck drivers to see you. Stay out of blind spots, such as right alongside the truck or immediately behind the truck. Use lights when it is dark or visibility is poor. Make eye contact with truck drivers to ensure they notice you.
  • Treat trucks with respect on the road. Don’t treat truck drivers just like another vehicle. Make sure you use extra caution and stay vigilant about where trucks are and how they are moving. If you see a truck driver driving erratically, pull over and contact the authorities in case the driver is inebriated or dangerously fatigued.
  • Put away distractions. You need to focus on Hollywood and South Florida roads, especially when driving around big rigs, tractor trailers and 18-wheelers. Never stay distracted with a mobile device, phone, your dashboard or anything else. Even use caution when using hands-free device. Studies have shown that these devices can still be a mental distraction and can lower your response times when you’re driving.
  • Make sure you’re ready for the responsibility of driving. Never drive when you’re feeling distracted, emotional, angry, upset, ill, or fatigued. Driving requires your full responsibility. If you are fatigued and unwell, you’re unlikely to have the physical ability to drive correctly and to maneuver your car safely. If you are upset, fatigued or emotional, you may not have the ability to fully stay focused on the road and drive in a measured, calm and detached manner. Always carefully check both your car and yourself to make sure that all systems are safe before proceeding to your destination. If you’re not up to driving, call a taxi or friend. It may be one of the most important calls you make.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact a Hollywood truck accident attorney to find out what your legal options are. If the truck accident was caused by negligence, you may have a claim against the liable driver and his or her insurance company. Contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to speak to an attorney today.