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Crushing and Trapped Passenger Injuries in Truck Accidents

There may types of truck accident injuries in Hollywood and across South Florida. One of the common types of injuries resulting from this type of traffic crash involves trapped passengers or crushing injuries. Both are devastating and can easily lead to fatalities, amputations and serious injury.


Crushing Injuries

Crushing injuries occur when the force of a truck collision causes crumple zones in a vehicle to collapse or causes them to be compromised. For example, if a truck T-bones a passenger car, the force of the truck can push through the side doors and windows, effectively crushing passengers against the interior of the vehicle. This can cause significant internal injuries and crushing injuries as bones, ligaments, muscles and other tissues are crushed and sometimes damaged beyond repair. Crushing injuries can lead to fatalities if they affect a major organ or body system. When the limbs are affected by crushing injuries, amputation may be the only way to save the victim’s life.

Amputations are a serious and lifelong injury. They affect mobility will require months or years of rehabilitation to ensure the patient can regain some use of their limbs. Prosthetics can help but patients will need to replace their prosthetic regularly throughout their lifetime. They may also need different prosthetics for different tasks. All of this can quickly add up in cost, meaning it is essential to speak to a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community if you have been involved in a serious truck accident and are facing amputation.

Trapped Passengers in Truck Accidents

Trapped passengers are another concern with truck accidents. Sometimes, in a collision of a truck and a passenger vehicle, the car doors of the passenger vehicle become crumpled in such a way that the passengers cannot safely exit their car. This can be a serious concern, especially if there is a fuel leak and a risk of fire or explosion. It can also mean emergency workers can’t get to seriously injured passengers trapped inside a vehicle. The Jaws of Life or other lifesaving measures may need to be used to rescue the patient and transfer them to the hospital. Since it can take time to rescue trapped truck crash survivors, the delay can affect the seriousness of their injuries and the fact that passengers can remain trapped can complicate injuries.

Being involved in a devastating truck accident is difficult. You can rely on legal advice and a legal professional by your side to help you explain all your options and negotiate with insurers and your half. If you’d like to speak to a personal injury attorney or truck accident attorney in Hollywood today, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free consultation. Our legal team has more than six decades of experience and a track record of securing compensation for those who have been injured.