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Mental Illness and Truck Accidents

Much has been written about the role of distracted driving in Hollywood truck accidents as well as the danger of fatigued driving. Now, however, the conversation is slowly shifting to discussion about the impact on mental health on truck drivers.


There is no doubt that truck drivers have a very dangerous and high-pressure job. They are often asked to deliver cargo long distances in tough traffic conditions and bad weather on tight deadlines. Many truck drivers worry about becoming the victim of theft or crime and they have to worry about other drivers driving erratically on the road. In addition, truck drivers spend a long time alone, away from their families, and may not get enough time to rest, relax, sleep, and eat well.

Some experts think this pressure may negatively impact the mental health of drivers, and in turn that can impact driving safety. According to the FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), about one-third of drivers would be involved in car accidents at some point. Since car accidents can lead to PTSD and other mental illness diagnoses, there is a concern that drivers who are at risk of car accidents are also at risk of illness.

Nationwide, about 18.2% of the US population of adults, or about 42.5 million people, suffer from mental illness each year, with about 4% of that number experiencing serious illness which affects their everyday lives

Since commercial truck drivers in Hollywood and other communities are just as susceptible to this type of illness as anyone else and since they may be more at risk of traffic accidents due to their jobs and this more at risk because of the trauma of collisions, there is a concern that truck drivers need more support. Certainly, the high-stress work conditions and the isolation of long-haul drivers may help contribute to mental illness.

More research needs to be done into truck drivers and mental health, but for now it is a concern because this spectrum of illnesses can be invisible. A mental illness will not show up in blood tests and may not be easily diagnosed from a few minute consultation with a doctor.

If a truck driver had an illness and that illness was not properly diagnosed or treated, you may have a claim if that truck driver caused the accident which caused your injuries. Speaking with a Hollywood trucking accident attorney can help you determine whether you have a claim.

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