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Australia Study Could Shed Light on Fatigue-Related Truck Accidents in Homestead and Florida

A new Australia study has some insights that could help prevent truck accidents in Homestead and other Florida cities. According to the study’s authors:

•Heavy truck drivers who did not finish driver fatigue management training were six times more likely to be involved in an accident when compared with drivers who completed the training
•About half of the 200 truck drivers in the study smoked and 44% were obese
•Truck drivers with apnea were three times more likely to be involved in a truck accident when compared with truck drivers who did not have the medical condition

How is this study applicable to preventing truck and car accidents in Homestead and Florida? Most US studies focus on scheduled hours and work hours as a source of fatigue, but the Australia study from Curtin University focused on other causes of fatigue-related crashes. The study may suggest:

1) Preventing fatigue may be a taught skill. The Australia study focused heavily on fatigue management training, which teaches drivers how to recognize fatigue and how to deal with it. Teaching drivers how to cope with tiredness rather than just adjusting hours of service seems like a very commonsense approach.

2) Health may have a large role to play in preventing fatigue-related truck accidents. A number of US studies have also found that health factors, such as obesity and sleep apnea, can contribute to traffic accidents in Homestead and other communities. Drivers who smoke and are obese are more likely to suffer from cardiac disease and other illnesses which can be dangerous on the road. They are more likely to develop sleep apnea.

3) A number of underlying factors contribute to fatigue-related crashes. The Australian researchers stressed that fatigued driving has many causes, including health issues, scheduling, and other problems. They noted, for example, that some drivers are afraid to speak up about sleep apnea and other health concerns because they are concerned about losing their jobs. This suggests that addressing the various causes of fatigued driving at once is necessary to prevent more traffic accidents in Homestead and other cities.

Adding another item to learn may not go over well with motor carriers or drivers, however. Truck drivers are already subject to stricter rules, more rigorous testing and licensing requirements, and frequent checks when compared with passenger car drivers. However, if addressing health issues and getting fatigue management training would help prevent accidents and injuries, perhaps it is worth a try?

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