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Avoiding Back-to-School Child Injuries

While schools work hard to provide a safe environment for students, accidents and injuries do happen at schools. Child injury in Hollywood and other Florida communities can especially be a risk during the first few weeks of the new year. There is a new routine for students to get used to, and in some cases a new school means new challenges. Sometimes, children are so focused on getting back to class that they may be less cautious. There are a few things that parents can do, however, to keep their children safe at this time of year:

1) Consider traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Traffic crashes in Hollywood and other Florida communities are among the leading causes of child injury. Whether you are driving your children to school or your children are walking to school, come up with a way to keep them safe. If your child walks or bikes to school, that may mean having your child head to school with an older sibling or friends. If you drive your child to school, staying safer may mean carpooling or leaving a little earlier to avoid distracted and unsafe driving.

2) Take a look at your child’s schedule and after-school activities.

Injuries can happen at school, so take a look at what your child does at school to find ways to reduce the dangers. If your child takes part in after-school sports, for example, does your child have the right helmet and other safety gear to prevent sports injury at their Hollywood school? Is the coach qualified to train and supervise students? If your child has a science class, does he or she have safety goggles and any other required safety equipment?

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3) Review bullying with your child.

Accidents and lack of supervision in Hollywood are not the only causes of child injury in our schools. Sometimes, intentional violence causes fatalities and serious injuries. Learn to recognize the signs of bullying. If your child has unexplained bruises, sudden sleeping disorders, a change in eating habits, or other signs of problems, ask about bullying and other problems. Make sure your children know they can come speak to you if they are bullied.

4) Take a look at back-to-school purchases.

Product defects can affect sports helmets, backpacks, toys, computers, and the many other purchases you may be making for your children at this time of year. Check recall lists to make sure that everything you pack up for school is safe.

5) Read over your child’s school safety policy.

School injuries in Hollywood and Florida schools are often preventable. What is your child’s school doing to prevent injuries and accidents? Read over school policies and ask questions if you notice any omissions.

6) Consider volunteering time at your child’s school.

Becoming part of a parent’s group keeps you in the know and helps you make changes that can help keep all students safe. Volunteering for trips and school events also ensures that there is adequate supervision to keep students safe.

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