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Avoiding Childhood Injury in Miami and Other Communities This Summer

Now that most school-age children are looking forward to the summer months, many parents are worried about the possible risks of the weeks to come. Summertime often means more trips to clinics and emergency rooms as children run around and explore the great outdoors and take part in summer programs. Parents can reduce the risk of injury by:

1) Carefully reviewing summer plans and options. If your child will be in daycare during the summer, at camp, or in another activity, research the safety record of the people who will be responsible for your child. Look for camps and summer activities with good track records and strong written safety policies.

2) Reviewing bicycle safety. Make sure that your children know basic bicycle safety rules and set limits on where children can bike. Ensure that each child has a good quality helmet to help prevent a trip to the ER for a head injury.

3) Signing teen drivers up for additional driver training. Do you have a new driver in your home? Summer is an ideal time to hone driving skills and to reduce your teen’s risk of a car accident. Sign your teen up for additional training, defensive driving, or even racing classes to help them learn more about driving. Car collisions in Miami and other communities continue to be the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities for teens and children, so teach your new driver how to handle a car safely.

4) Reviewing water safety. Pool injuries and drowning incidents in Miami and other Florida communities are a common concern for parents. If you have a pool, be sure that it has a fence and a self-locking gate. If at all possible, set up an alarm system so that you can be alerted if anyone wanders into the pool area. Review water safety with your children and enroll younger children in swimming classes to reduce their risk of injury.

5) Getting a car tune-up. You will likely be dropping your children off at summer activities often and you may have a car trip planned as well. This is the time to take your car in to check that it is running correctly.

6) Setting rules to prevent dog bites. Dog bites in Miami and other communities result in devastating injuries, including scarring, head injuries, fatalities, and fractures. Teach your children not to approach unfamiliar pets and animals. If you have a dog, make sure that it gets regular vet visits as well as obedience training to reduce the risk of bites.

7) Updating the home fire safety plan. Summer can mean a higher risk of fires. Conditions are hot and dry – perfect for fire – and many families take part in grilling, outdoor fire activities, and other activities that come with risk. To prevent burn injuries in Miami or your community, make sure that your smoke detectors are working and review fire safety and your fire emergency plan with the whole family.

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