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Beach Safety Tips

Miami and surrounding areas have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Each year, residents and visitors alike flock to these beaches in order to enjoy themselves. While most beachgoers leave with a suntan and some great pictures, each year some people are injured near the water due to preventable accidents. If you are headed for the sun and surf, make sure that you:

1) Check conditions before you go.

Look up surf conditions and avoid swimming when red or yellow flags indicate that swimming is prohibited or dangerous. Check the tide schedule and temperature so that you are prepared for the conditions.


2) Brush up on your swimming skills.

You are less likely to suffer boating accident injuries in Miami and other water related accidents and injuries if you are strong swimmer. If you live in a part of the country where you rarely swim, consider refreshing your skills with an instructor or by swimming in a pool at home before you come to Miami. Keep in mind, too, that swimming in an ocean can be significantly different than swimming in a city pool. Get your swimming skills as strong as possible before you hit the waves.

3) Swim where it’s safe.

Swim near manned lifeguard areas. Supervise your children at all times when you are on the beach. While the idea of swimming in a secluded area or swimming at night in the ocean may seem romantic, it can be dangerous, especially if there’s no one around in the event that you run into trouble. Always check to make sure that swimming areas are safe and that swimming is allowed before you swim. If you are planning on diving, check and confirm that the water is deep enough.

4) Avoid sea creatures.

The purple-blue jellyfish in parts of Florida waters are known as Man-O-Wars and they have a poisonous sting. If you get a small sting, rinse with water. If the sting appears serious, seek medical help. Stay away from plants and other areas where aquatic life may be hiding. Sea creatures are wildlife, and like all animals they can attack and cause injury.

5) Dig sand safely.

Avoid digging too deep and fill up holes before you go. Keep in mind that sand can easily fall over top of you and can cause surprisingly serious injuries. Stepping into a deep hole in the sand can also cause you to stumble and hurt yourself.

6) Wear shoes.

The idea of dipping your toes into sand may be very pleasant, but cigarette butts, sharp shells, and rocks can all find their way onto the beach. Wear sandals or shoes to protect your feet and avoid leaving debris of any kind when you leave.

If you are traveling to any beach in the Miami area, we wish you a pleasant vacation or relaxing weekend. If you are injured on a beach and would like legal advice, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys at Flaxman Law Group. Our law firm has the resources to advise you and represent you in court or at the negotiating table, aggressively fighting for your right to fair compensation. Your initial consultation with Flaxman Law Group is always free and confidential, so if you have been injured contact us immediately.