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Campus Safety Tips for Miami and Florida Students

Students in Miami and Florida campuses are generally safe. However, learning how to keep safe off-campus and on-campus is an important skill for all students to learn. Even though universities take steps to keep campuses safe, crime can and does occur on campus and off campus.


According to authorities, there many ways students can stay safe:

1) Stay alert.

Keep an eye on your possessions and stay aware of who and what is around you. Many students will listen to music as they walk, jog, or ride their bikes. Unfortunately, this can make it easy for muggings and crimes to happen on Miami and Florida campuses because criminals will target people who aren’t aware of their surroundings.

2) Be vigilant about doors in dorms.

Dorms have visitation policies, and it’s important for students to follow these policies. Do not allow individuals you don’t know to follow behind you and into a dorm. Be especially aware when leaving and entering the building. There may be multiple blind spots and you may not notice someone lurking nearby. Always have your keys out when approaching or leaving the building so you can get in and out quickly.

If someone knocks on your door, check who is there before opening the door. If you notice someone acting suspiciously around doors or near residences, contact university or college police or security.

3) Follow campus rules.

At most campuses and colleges, rules are clearly posted. During freshman week, they are also extensively reviewed. Be sure to follow these rules, as they exist for student safety.

4) Use the walk home system.

Especially after dark, consider walking with a friend or using a campus volunteer group to walk home with you. If this is not possible, contact a friend and stay with them on the phone as you walk back. This can make you feel safer and can actually make you less of a target.

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