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Highway and freeway accidents in Hollywood and South Florida are often deadly. Because highways mean higher speeds, any collisions on these roadways may lead to more serious injuries and crashes. In addition, highways often mean different vehicles sharing the same space, and if you’re in an accident with a big rig, tractor trailer, or other large commercial truck, the chances of your passenger car sustaining serious damage are considerable.


Driving on a residential street is very different than driving on a highway or freeway. On a higher-speed road, small mistakes can lead to big accidents. Each year, people are involved in serious chain reaction accidents in Hollywood and South Florida because of one minor error made in a fraction of a second.

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Many of us call a tow truck if we’ve been an accident or if our car breaks down, but tow trucks can also be the cause of accidents. Tow truck accidents in Hollywood and South Florida can cause devastating injuries as well as significant property damage (especially if it’s your car on the back of the tow truck involved in the crash).

Tow trucks are large trucks designed to transport cars and other vehicles. They may be used to transport cars that are illegally parked, are no longer functional, or cars that are new and need to be moved from one place to another. There are many types of tow trucks, including a hook and chain truck (frequently used for towing illegally parked cars),  boom tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks (often used for transporting farming equipment, trucks, new cars, and other vehicles), integrated tow trucks, and wheel lift tow trucks.


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Truck drivers in Hollywood, Miami, and other communities in South Florida have a big responsibility: they need to deliver cargo safely and on time while taking steps to drive safely. Truck drivers often have to drive on unfamiliar roads and share the road with much smaller vehicles. In some cases, they need to drive on narrow city streets not designed for larger big rigs and tractor trailers.


In order to get a commercial license, truck drivers need to undergo extensive training and testing to ensure they’re safe drivers. In fact, the extra training and screening mean truckers are among the safer motorists on our roads: statistics show that in most car-truck collisions, truck drivers are not at fault.

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When you see a commercial truck on the side of the road involved in an accident, you’re seeing someone who has had a workplace accident. For truck drivers, trucks are much more than just a way to get from point A to point B; they are their workplace.


If you are truck driver and have been involved in a car accident or truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida, it’s important to get a qualified workplace injury attorney on your side. Unfortunately, you may be accused of causing the accident or you may find you have a hard time seeking compensation for your injuries. Many truck drivers work as independent contractors, meaning they may not qualify for workers’ compensation or the many other benefits and protections that traditional employees enjoy. Potentially, this may make it harder to secure fair insurance and compensation in the event of a collision.

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Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, there may be more trucks on the roads. Stores are ordering more products to keep up with the holiday rush and more stores are offering delivery services. Customers are ordering more products and services for the holidays, too, putting more trucks on the roads.

For many truck drivers, this is the “busy” season of the year, and that can also make it more dangerous. More traffic and tighter deadlines can lead to deadly accidents on our Hollywood highways and roadways.


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In commercial truck accidents, plaintiffs are strongly advised to contact a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or their community. Commercial trucking accidents in South Florida tend to be more complicated then car accidents involving another passenger car driver. But what is it that attorneys can do in these cases in order to win settlements? Personal injury attorneys in Hollywood and other South Florida communities take several steps to help you get the best chance of getting compensation:


1) Take steps to preserve the evidence.

Attorneys will usually send a formal letter to the trucking company to ensure companies preserve relevant evidence. It is important to do this promptly, since evidence can quickly become misplaced or erased.

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Many people who have been seriously injured in a truck accident mistakenly assume that a car accident and a commercial truck accident are very much the same. This is a mistake. The two are very different and require a different approach. One key difference, for example, is that if you are injured in a trucking accident, you may find you need the services of an attorney right away.


There are several significant issues that make these two types of collisions significantly different:

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Cab cams record traffic and activity inside commercial trucks, and according to The National Transportation Safety Board these devices should be used more widely to help prevent trucking collisions. Specifically, the NTSB has recommended both traffic-facing and driver-facing cams that would either record non-stop or in response to a trigger (such as accelerated speed or sudden engagement of brakes). These recommendations are not laws, however, and not all truck carriers may want to implement cab cams.

The NTSB has recommended that the NHTSA use video recordings to gather more information as part of its accident databases. The NTSB has recommended that trucking associations encourage their members to use cams that capture video in low light and adequately capture the entire cab (including all passengers). For cab cam makers, the NTSB has recommended that manufacturers provide more information for users of web cams – including information about the correct installation, maintenance, and use of the devices.


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Many drivers treat car accidents and truck accidents exactly the same. They see these as roadway accidents and simply file a claim with their insurance company if they have suffered an injury in this type of collision. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can be very different and simply contacting your insurance company may not be enough if you have been injured in a commercial truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida.


One of the biggest differences between truck accidents and car accidents is the severity. Truck accidents are more likely to lead to fatal injuries, permanent injuries, and devastating injuries. There is simply no match between your passenger car and a fully loaded tractor-trailer carrying tens of thousands of pounds of cargo. In a collision, you are very likely to be crushed by a larger vehicle or to suffer severe injuries.

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Most of us don’t want to even consider the possibility that we will one day be in a truck or traffic accident and so we never bother preparing. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. Statistically, drivers are likely to be in at least one major car accident during their driving lives. The more you drive, the more likely you are to be in a crash.


Even if you are an excellent driver and take all due precautions to avoid causing a collision, other drivers may not be as conscientious and may eventually crash into you, meaning that you end up in a Hollywood T-bone accident, sideswipe accident, or other serious collision involving a commercial truck.

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