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Young children and toddlers are especially vulnerable to injuries. Without the knowledge and experience to stay safe, they may get into trouble simply by exploring the world around them. If you have children at home, are babysitting, or have children visiting your home, there are several things you need to do to make your home safe:


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Each year, children are seriously injured or killed due to the cords used with window treatments. The cords used with shades, blinds, and other window treatments can easily become wrapped around a child’s neck, cutting off air and posing a strangulation risk. Even ties used with curtains and draperies can pose a significant risk.



Tying up existing cords may not be enough

Some parents try to simply tie up the cords and strings used with shades, blinds, and other window treatments. However, this may not be enough. Strings and cords may become untied and may fall, so simply looping out of the way may not be enough. Children may also become innovative when grabbing cords out of reach. A better option to keep your children safe is to:

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If your child is seriously injured at school, you may wonder whether the school is responsible for your child. After all, when you send your child to get an education, you expect them to stay safe. If your child is injured, do you have a claim against the school and other parties?


In Hollywood and in Florida, you may have a claim against the school and other liable parties if your child has suffered a serious injury due to negligence or recklessness. You may have a claim if:

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The school year is almost beginning and for some children the school year will start within a matter of days. Most children spend much of their school year in the classroom and on the playground, and while schools usually do everything possible to keep children safe, parents can help reduce the risk of childhood injury in Hollywood or their community with these tips:


1) Prevent back injuries with a safe backpack.

Children today carry a lot of homework with them, and all of those books and notebooks can put a lot of pressure on growing spines. Make sure your child avoids back injury by purchasing a backpack with solid, padded straps. Encourage your child to wear their backpack using both straps so the weight is evenly distributed. At home, make sure your child has a healthy and safe environment for doing homework. This should include an ergonomic chair and good lighting to prevent back and eye strain.

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If you have a pool at home, you’ll want to be able to enjoy it all summer long. You’ll also want to make sure that it is safe for all of your family and all of your guests to enjoy. There are several ways you can ensure safety while preventing injuries at your Homestead pool:


1) Install no-slip areas around the pool.

One of the biggest risks with pools are slip and fall incidents. By installing no slip treads along the areas leading up to and into the pool area, you can ensure anyone walking with slippery feet will have some traction to prevent slips.

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Roller coaster accident injuries and other amusement park injuries are not uncommon in Miami and across southern Florida. While this region of the country is known for its world-class theme parks and amusement parks, and while millions of people visit these parks each year without incident, injuries can and do occur.


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Summer is just a few weeks far away, and that means children will soon be home from school. If you have children or if you live in a neighborhood with lots of children, now is the time to take steps to avoid causing childhood accidents. There many ways you can make your Hollywood home child-safe in time for summer:


1) Safeguard your pool area.

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Hollywood residents of any age can suffer devastating injury, and serious injuries can be especially terrible when they happen to children. Children may struggle to understand why they have been injured and may not have the life experience and skills to deal with chronic pain, extended hospital stays, and every other facet of a serious injury. Worse, a serious injury can affect a child’s entire future. It can impact their ability to go to school and to pursue their dreams.


If a child has been injured due to someone’s negligence, a personal injury lawsuit may be possible. Usually, a parent will file the lawsuit on behalf of the child and will seek compensation for the child.

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Any repeated and malicious communication through electronic means –whether through cell phones, computers, mobile devices, or any other devices – is considered cyberbullying and is against the law in Florida. This crime can involve sending unwanted and harmful messages or other forms of communication intended to harm.

It is also a serious concern for parents – and with good reason. About one in four children have been victims of cyberbullying, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center (CRC). In many cases, children who have been targeted struggle with schoolwork, find their relationships affected, and suffer serious stress. Some withdraw or engage in self-harm. Some even commit suicide.


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Over the past several months, there have been many reports about the Zika virus. This mosquito-spread condition usually leads to flu-like symptoms. In many cases, people who have been bitten by an affected mosquito recover fully. However, in Brazil and in other countries the virus has been linked with microcephaly.

Microcephaly is a congenital condition. Infants with microcephaly have slower brain development and smaller-than-normal brains. They may have a reduced life expectancy and may struggle to live independently – depending on the severity of their condition.


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