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In late October, a Florida man suffered serious injury after an e-cigarette exploded, leaving him with serious internal and external burn injuries. He is still in a coma and still in serious condition following the incident, and the situation is causing some to ask questions about e-cigarettes.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are vaporizers that work on batteries. Users can insert different flavors of liquids into the device and the e-cigarette turns the liquid into vapor. E-cigarettes have become intensely popular over the past few years. Some users say the devices help them quit smoking, since it’s possible to control the amount of tobacco being used in the devices or even to use tobacco-free liquids in e-cigarettes. Others simply like the sensation of using e-cigarettes, especially since they don’t produce smoke.


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Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, and clear gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning claims lives in this country each year. Most often, poisoning occurs when people use fuel-burning appliances in the home – especially when those appliances are poorly maintained or defective. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur in homes with attached garages if proper precautions aren’t taken to keep car exhaust out. As our homes become more airtight and energy-efficient, experts say that carbon monoxide leaks can become more deadly, because there are fewer ways for the carbon monoxide escape.

Carbon monoxide poisoning often leads to feelings of drowsiness, fatigue, or disorientation. People may not be able to escape before they succumb. In many cases, they lose consciousness and if evacuation and medical attention don’t occur rapidly, fatalities are the result. Proper precautions as well as carbon monoxide detectors could help prevent many tragedies each year.


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Knee implants are often recommended by doctors to improve mobility and reduce pain. For patients with joint problems and knee problems, implants can be a long-term solution, since these medical devices are meant to last 15-20 years, but some patients are finding that knee implants are not lasting as long as promised. In some cases, the devices are causing serious complications for patients. In the past few years, a number of recalls have been issued for some types of knee plants and many patients have sought legal action after needing additional medical care or after suffering severe injury due to the devices.


Have you had surgery to get knee implants? You are not alone. Each year, over 1.1 million people across the country get hip and knee implants to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, for some of these patients these implants will end up causing rather than solving problems. In some cases, the devices are defective in some way. Some manufacturers have issued recalls of their implants, while in other cases patients are injured by medical devices not yet recalled. In either case, if you have been injured by an unsafe medical device, you will want to think about your legal options and speak to an attorney about your situation.

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Defective products and dangerous drugs in Hollywood and other South Florida communities injure many Florida residents and cost significant amounts of money in medical bills and lost productivity at work. Each year, dangerous products also claim lives.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one group in charge of ensuring that the products you find in your pharmacy, grocery store, and local store are safe for you. The FDA is in charge of enforcing the safety of food, medical devices, medication, vaccines, cosmetics, tobacco products, pet food, and more.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

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For people with serious knee problems, knee implants promise improved mobility and less pain. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), about 700,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed, with about 5% of Americans over the age of 50 having at least one knee implant.


While knee implants can make life easier, defective knee implants have been linked to serious complications. In the past few years, a number of knee implant recalls have affected many patients in Hollywood and across the country. Some patients have launched their own product liability claims in South Florida and Hollywood against manufacturers of the devices.

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If you are shopping for friends and family and checking off your holiday shopping list, you will of course want to make sure that every present you give brings joy. The last thing you want is for a purchase to cause harm or injury. Unfortunately, each year products liability cases in Hollywood and Florida are launched due to defective products. You don’t want to give a gift that could harm someone, but unfortunately some products sold in stores are designed or manufactured negligently and may cause harm. To prevent giving these items as gifts, you will want to ask yourself a few questions:

1) Is this item on a recall list?

Keep your receipts after shopping and be sure to check out official lists of recalls so that you will be warned if an item is recalled. Due to the risk of injury and recalls, avoid buying used toys, sports equipment, and child’s items (such as car seats), as used items may be damaged or may have been subject to recalls.


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Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured by defective products and carelessly designed products every year. These products cause minor injuries and serious injuries that include fatalities, fractures, burn injuries in Homestead, and other serious injuries. Every type of product can be affected by poor design, and although there are government agencies tasked with trying to weed out unsafe products, the sheer number of items on store shelves makes it very challenging to get rid of products and test everything very thoroughly. In addition, more products are being made overseas, and outsourcing can also make it harder to check for safety consistently.


Despite all of that, there are things you can do:

1) Vote with your dollar. Buy products from companies that have a good safety record. Read more about the companies whose products you buy and give feedback to companies to let them know that safety matters to you and your family.

2) Read instructions and consumer information carefully. Using a product correctly and being aware of risks is very important when it comes to staying safe. Whether you are assembling furniture or using new sports equipment, check to see what the safety precautions are. If something is unclear or you don’t understand the instructions, contact the customer service number of the manufacturer.

3) Go beyond the instructions. Just because a product is on the shelf, that does not mean it is safe. Use your own judgment. If a product seems flimsy, poorly made, or unsafe, return it to the store, get a refund, and write to the manufacturer to let them know about the problem.

4) Use more caution with higher-risk products. Some products just have the potential to do more harm. If your car has a defect, for example, it could lead to a car or truck collision in Homestead or your community. If your sports equipment is poorly designed, it could lead to a sports injury at your Homestead game. When it comes to child products, safety items, and vehicles, use extra caution and always check for safety standards and safety features before buying.

5) Check recalls.gov for recalls. The government site even allows you to sign up for email alerts, so that you can get information about recalls when they are announced.

Even if you take all precautions, of course, there is still the possibility that you will be injured by a defective product. If this happens, get medical attention and contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community right away. If a manufacturer’s negligence caused your injuries, there is no reason why you should have to pay for your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses yourself.

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Each year, many Florida residents are injured or even killed by defective products. Products may be defective due to their design, manufacturing process, or labeling. In any event, when a serious injury occurs, the results can be devastating. If you have been injured by what you believe is a defective product, make sure that you:

1) Stop using the product at once and get medical attention immediately. Even if you are not sure how extensive your injuries are, it is important to get medical attention. Head injury patients in Miami and South Florida, for example, may not exhibit any symptoms at first but may still have suffered a life-threatening injury. Burn injuries often require immediate treatment; delaying treatment can affect the healing process. Consulting the help of a medical professional is important in ensuring that you get the best treatment as quickly as possible.

2) Try to preserve the evidence if you can. Once you’ve taken care of immediate medical needs, make sure that you start documenting the evidence and preserving evidence, in case you want to pursue a legal claim. Stop using the product but save it if it is possible. Also save any property that has been damaged by the defective product or any photos, receipts, or manuals you have from the product itself.

3) Document symptoms and any property damage that has occurred. Consider photographing any damage or injuries and keeping a list of symptoms, expenses related to the injury, and any other information that you can. This can be very important for your personal injury attorney in the event that you decide to file a claim.

4) Speak with insurance companies, if applicable. If the defective product has caused a car accident in Miami or another community or if the product has caused an injury on your property, car insurance or home insurance may help cover some of the costs. Consult with insurance companies to see whether the medical costs and other costs associated with the injury are at least partly covered by insurance.

5) Contact a personal injury attorney. Speak with a personal injury attorney in Miami or your community in order to get legal advice. You may be able to file a legal claim against the manufacturer of the product in order to get compensation for lost income, property damage, medical costs, and other expenses related to your accident. Holding negligent manufacturers responsible can help you get closure after the accident and can also help ensure that you do not suffer financially due to the manufacturer’s recklessness. In many cases, it is difficult to tell whether you have a case. A good attorney can help you understand all your options so that you make the best decision in your situation.

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When you take medication, it is often because you are already ill and want to get better. In some cases, however, victims of medication defect claims in Miami and other South Florida communities find themselves getting sicker rather than better. Legal claims related to medication can arise from a number of situations:

1) Unlisted side effects. Drug manufacturers are expected to test their products for all side effects. When tests are completed incorrectly, a medication may go to market without the correct listing of all side effects. In some cases, the side effects are potentially dangerous. For example, a recent spate of legal claims against a maker of birth control pills claimed that the pills caused life-threatening blood clot risks in women using the pills. A number of women taking the pill died or were seriously injured and in their legal claims they noted that the manufacturer did not adequately warn them of the increased risk.

2) Unlisted reactions with other medication. Medication manufacturers have a responsibility to test a medication for possible interactions with other medication and list those potential interactions. Drug interactions can cause serious side effects and even fatalities, so when drug manufacturers are negligent in this area they can cause immense pain and suffering and loss.

3) Allergic reactions. Medication is supposed to be tested for the risk of allergic reactions. Common allergic reactions should be listed on a medication’s packaging – along with what patients should do if they experience an allergic reaction. Lack of this information can jeopardize a patient’s life.

4) Birth defects. Some medications can cause serious birth defects when used by pregnant women. Medications that can cause this problem are supposed to be clearly labeled so that pregnant women (and their doctors and pharmacists) are aware of the risk. When this warning is not clear and birth defects are a result, victims can pursue justice by contacting a personal injury attorney in Miami or their community to pursue a legal claim.

5) Incorrect dosage or medication. When you are given medication by a pharmacist, hospital, or doctor, you expect that medical professionals have checked the dosage, medication, and any medical allergies you have. Unfortunately, medicine and pharmacy errors in Miami and other communities occur each year due to incorrect communication and due to negligence. Sometimes, these sorts of errors occur because a doctor or pharmacist is negligent in checking patient information. In other instances, poor handwriting and other preventable errors cause the problem. In some cases, the incorrect dosage or medication can cause serious complications or even death.

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Each year, you may bring hundreds or even thousands of products into your home. These may range from food products to new appliances and personal care items. Each item that you buy with your hard-earned money should be safe for you to use. However, each year people across Fort Lauderdale and across Florida are seriously injured by defective products. Tragically, some of these defective products cause Fort Lauderdale injuries to minors and children. For example, defective toys, sports equipment, and even safety equipment can cause serious injuries to infants and children. In order to protect your family and in order to keep your home safe, follow these tips for keeping unsafe products out of your home:

1) Consider safety – not just budget – when shopping. When you head out to shop for an appliance, personal care product or any product, consider not just the price range you’re willing to pay for but also the safety of the product design itself. Look over the product carefully and consider whether it is sturdy and appears safe. Consider buying products from well-known manufacturers and trusted manufacturers with good safety records.

2) Use extra caution when buying products that have the potential for harm. Use extra caution when purchasing toys, items for infants, car safety seats, cribs, sports equipment, safety equipment, appliances, and cars. These can be especially dangerous if they are defective. Research the product before you buy and look for safety ratings online. When buying these types of products that have a higher risk of harm, buy new products rather than used products, since used products may already have been recalled or may have damage which makes them unsafe. For example, you should never buy used car safety seats or bicycle helmets, as these might not provide adequate protection in a Fort Lauderdale traffic accident.

3) Read the instructions and follow them. Products come with instructions for reason. Instructions are designed not only to show you the proper and intended use of a product, but they are designed to show you the possible risks and dangers of a product you are about to use. They can also help you assemble any product correctly, reducing the risk of injury. Reading and following directions can reduce your risk of Fort Lauderdale personal injury.

4) Sign up for recall information and register the products you buy. Many products, including personal care products as well as appliances, allow you to register your product with the manufacturer. This allows the manufacturer to contact you if there is a recall of the product. In addition, you can also sign up at government websites to automatically receive recall information about new products.

5) When using your new product, check regularly for wear and tear. Even safe products can become unsafe and cause Fort Lauderdale burn injuries as well as other injuries with common wear and tear. For example, appliances and electronics can become very unsafe if the cords or adapters become worn and damaged, causing the risk of fire. In many cases, bicycle and sports helmets need to be replaced if they are involved in an accident, as the interior of the helmet may become damaged.

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