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Childhood Pedestrian Accidents: What Can Be Done to Prevent Them?

Pedestrian accidents are a leading cause of child injury in Hollywood and other cities. Whether your child walks to school or walks to a friend’s house, they may be at risk of drivers are distracted and make mistakes on the road. There are some things that you can do, however, to keep your child safer:

1) Evaluate where your child walks. Children are more likely to be involved in a traffic collision in Hollywood if they are walking in high-traffic areas, high-speed areas, or urban spaces with few green areas. Areas with high numbers of parked cars are also a risk. If your child walks to school or routinely walks to a friend’s house or other destination, walk that route with your child to consider the hazards. Consider whether there are safer ways to get to the same destination. If not, at least discuss safety along the route or consider having your child walk with an adult or friend if the area is not pedestrian friendly.


2) Install a rear-view bumper camera on your car. One type of pedestrian accident that can affect child is a backover accident, in which a driver backs up over a child because they cannot see the child. The reality is that a child standing behind a car may not be visible to the driver. This is especially a problem with SUVs, vans, and larger vehicles. It is not very expensive to install a camera that eliminates this deadly blind spot on your car, and installing the simple device (available at most car parts stores and hardware stores) could help prevent a backover accident in Hollywood or your community.

3) Teach your child about pedestrian safety, but do not overestimate their ability. As soon as you can, teach your child about looking both ways before crossing a street and teach them how to walk safely. However, keep your expectations realistic. A small child may hear the phrase “look both ways” many times but still run across without looking when excited or distracted. Continue to walk with your child and provide extra supervision until he or she learns to stay safe.

4) Encourage your child to travel with a group. Once your child is old enough to walk to school and other destinations by themselves, encourage them to walk with friends. A group of pedestrians is always easier for motorists to see.

5) Do not assume your child is safer because they are not walking. Bicycle accidents in Hollywood can be just as deadly, as can skateboard accidents. If your child is out and about and sharing roadways with cars or crossing the street, they are at risk and you will want to take steps to reduce that risk. If your child is getting about by bicycle, skates, or skateboard, they may actually be in more danger because they can move more quickly, reducing the amount of time a motorist has to prevent a collision.

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