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Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney in Miami or in Your South Florida Community

If you have been in a traffic accident in Miami or in any South Florida community and you have been seriously injured, you will likely want to speak with a local personal injury attorney. Any accident involving a commercial truck, especially, tends to be complex. There will be many legal terms used in your case and you may have questions about insurance offers, paperwork, and other issues. When considering attorneys, there are many things you will want to look for:

1) Look for an attorney who is an expert in the field. The most important thing is to find an attorney with plenty of experience in cases similar to yours. Truck accidents in Miami and other South Florida communities are different than other personal injury claims. An attorney familiar with truck accident cases has likely worked with accident reconstruction experts, expert witnesses, and others who can help in this type of case. A personal injury attorney in Miami who has experience with truck accidents is also familiar with the laws and resources in this type of case.

2) Look for an attorney with experience in the courtroom and with negotiations. You want an attorney who is familiar with local courts, but since many truck accident cases in Miami and South Florida are settled out of court, you also want someone who is adept as a negotiator. Someone who understands the insurance system and can speak on your behalf with your insurance carrier is just as important as an attorney who is a professional in front of a judge.

3) Speak with an attorney (or a few) before you decide to work with one. This gives you a chance to seek the attorney’s opinion about your case and gives you a chance to ask questions.

4) Ask questions about past cases. Look for a personal injury attorney in Miami or your Florida community with proven success in truck accident cases.

5) Look for a legal professional who makes you comfortable. If you will be working with an attorney, it is important that you feel comfortable with him or her and trust them. Changing attorneys once you have filed a legal claim is complicated, so it is best to hire the right attorney for you right away.

6) Consider a consultation even if you are not sure you want to pursue legal action. Many accident survivors assume that they do not need an attorney if they don’t plan to sue. This is not true. After an accident, an attorney can do much more than help you file a claim. An attorney can investigate your accident, help you understand the likely costs of your injuries, can help you understand your rights, and can help negotiate with your insurance provider. The decisions you make after your accident can affect you and your finances for years to come, so it makes sense to at least get a professional legal opinion about your situation.

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